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The chapter is looking for people willing to host chapter meetings at remote sites. If you are interested contact the Vice President of Chapter Development,

Chapter News

Members News

The following chapter members will be presenting at IEEE MetroCon October 26

  • Claudeliah Roze, Raytheon, Engineering a Cloud Solution for a Traditional Systems Architecture
  • Dr. Tyson Browning, Texas Christian University, Integrating Risk and Opportunity with Project Value
  • Matthew Holvey, Bell Helicopter, The Next Big Challenge: Using Artificial Intelligence to Augment System Design
  • Dr. Yvonne Bijan, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Application of Functional Analysis to transform customer requirements
  • Mike Dietz, Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control, Requirements Engineering Concepts to Help Everyone
  • Dr. Jeff Daniels, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics and UMUC, Blockchain Technology Innovation.

September Chapter Meeting

Dr. Dong presented on: Affordability which has more weight than ever due to improved technology and other aspects of engineering that drive more demand for efficiency and agility. The presentation highlights some relevant research and introduces a methodology for systems engineers to address such demand and complexity within the defense industry. Two major takeaways (1) the differences in understanding of affordability between contractor and customer, and (2) affordability is not just profitability; it’s an ongoing assessment for any complex systems or system of systems developer.


​We had over 20 people attend this chapter meeting. Thank you all for supporting the chapter.

The presentation and recording are available in our library here:

August Chapter Meeting

David Walden gave us an excellent presentation on “Systems Engineering is as Much About the Journey as the Destination."​ David discussed how good Systems Engineering can be transparent but everyone notices Systems Engineering when it is done poorly. If you missed the presentation on why Systems Engineering is valuable, you can view the recording on our website.


​We had 24 people attend this chapter meeting. Thank you all for supporting the chapter.

The presentation and recording are available in our library here:

Sysnovation Training

Sysnovation offers a variety of Systems Engineering training courses.
Below is a list of open enrollment courses (click on link to go to registration page):

If you are interesting in having the North Texas Chapter arrange a training session in the DFW area, let the Vice President of Chapter development know. ​


Members News

Dr. Tina P. Srivastava presented SE Fundamentals on Portfolio, Program, and Project Management (P3M) at the 2017 INCOSE International Symposium in Adelaide, Australia. This is related to her work as Co-Chair of the INCOSE PM-SE Integration Working Group (WG). Dr. Srivastava is also one of the authors of the Integrating Program Management and Systems Engineering book, a product of the INCOSE-PMI Alliance. For more information about the WG and to receive your INCOSE member price for the book, visit the Working Group webpage:

    July Chapter Meeting

    Michael J. Vinarcik presented "We Need More Jack Sparrow, Savvy? A Swashbuckler’s Guide to System Modeling with SysML." Michael covered the truth about modeling and tied his presentation heroes. He demonstrated the parallels between modelers and Jack Sparrow. He provided practical insights on methods and how to represent relevant information in a SysML model. Michael also expressed his knowledge about various modeling tools during the questions and answers.


    We had over 20 people attend this chapter meeting. Thank you all for supporting the chapter.

    The presentation and recording are available in our library here:

    INCOSE Certification Exam (Paper)

    June 17 at the University of Texas at Arlington

    Twenty members of the SE community had fun (if that is the right word) taking the ASEP/CSEP exam at UTA. This event was free of charge and open to everyone. Due to the popularity of the event, another one is being planned for October at SMU. The registration page will be up soon. People were informed of their results this past weekend via the email they used during registration. If you didn't get your results, check your spam folder and if it isn't there, contact Yvonne.


    June Chapter Meeting

    Barry Papke, Director of Professional Services for No Magic, presented "Enabling Repeatable SE Cost Estimation with COSYSMO and MBSE. This presentation demonstrates a practical implementation of the COSYSMO cost estimating relationship through extension of a Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) modeling environment with SysML for estimating end-to-end systems engineering effort in developing a system.  The approach provides a new way of rapidly creating cost estimates, conducting cost-based analysis and trade studies with full traceability from the cost estimation parameters back to the architecture of referenced system of interest.
    Key benefits identified are:
    • Seamless integration of cost estimation with the system design and modeling process:
      • Providing consistency and traceability.
        • Sizing data becomes a property of the model element.
      • Enabling rapid-turnaround “what-if” architecture trade analysis
      • Promoting Design-To-Cost.
      • Enabling design reuse.
      • Economic impact early in system lifecycle and an integral part of architecture
      • Culture change for systems engineers:
        • Shift of mindset and right behavior in design
        • Systems engineering for economic goals
      • Application of Model Based Systems Engineering – LET THE TOOLS DO THE WORK

    We had 30 people attend this chapter meeting. Thank you all for supporting the chapter.

    The presentation is available in our library here:

    The North Texas Chapter thanks Southern Methodist University for hosting the INCOSE Certification exam October 21, 2017.


    NMWS 2017


    We were at the No Magic World Symposium in Allen,, where there was an excellent line up of speakers that are experts on Model Based Systems Engineering. This was their biggest event yet and we look forward to seeing them again next year. Barry introduced the chapter board members to everyone. Barry also kicked off the MBSE Interest Group. Michael Vinarcik from the Michigan Chapter has volunteered to host our data and tools on his server. No Magic has volunteered modeling tools for us to use. INCOSE wants to model their business processes and we see this as the perfect opportunity for applying MBSE to a real project as there is no better way to learn than hands-on experience. We will likely have some modelathons during the weekend before the end of the year where we all learn how to model and then practice what we have learned. If you are interested in signing up, let me know. If you signed the interest list at the conference and didn’t receive the kick off materials from me, please let me know. There was an email address for someone that went undelivered. We are really excited about being able to learn a new skill and contribute to INCOSE. We were honored by three special guests that also attended our chapter meeting:
    • David D. Walden, ESEP- co-owner and principal consultant for Sysnovation. Serves as an editor of the INCOSE SE Handbook and as a liaison to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 Working Groups 10 and 20.
    • Michael J. Vinarcik-Senior Lead Systems Engineer at Booz Allen Hamilton and an adjunct professor at the University of Detroit Mercy. 2012 President of the INCOSE Michigan Chapter and Co-leads INCOSE’s Model Based Conceptual Design Working Group.
    • Troy Peterson- Fellow and Vice President at System Strategy, Inc. (SSI). Assistant Director for INCOSE Systems Engineering Transformation and the co-lead of the Patterns Working Group.

    Member News

    • Scott Mason from Logistics Management Institute has earned his ASEP
    • ​C. Jobe from Lockheed Martin has earned her CSEP
    • Patra Stroemer from Lockheed Martin has earned her ESEP

    Congratulations to all three of you.

    • Long Dong earned his PhD in Systems Engineering graduated from SMU May 20th.


    May Chapter Meeting

    We had a full agenda for our May meeting. First, Octavio gave an excellent overview of ISO 15288. If you didn't know Systems Engineering has an ISO standard that defines the Life Cycle processes, tasks, and outcomes, head over to the library and resource page to download his presentation.
    Yvonne gave an overview of the INCOSE certification program. The presentation has information about the requirements, process, fees involved. Don't forget we have a paper based exam scheduled for next month.

    Bruce Gnade, the Executive Director of the Hart Center for Engineering Leadership at the SMU Lyle School of Engineering visited our chapter at the May Member Meeting to announce that they are looking for mentors for their Hart Leadership Program within Lyle School for the 2017-18 school year.  Mike Dietz (2010 INCOSE North Texas Past President and current Director-at-Large), who is currently a mentor for the second year in a row, spoke highly of his experience with the program.  They are looking for mentors, who can relate to students in their college-to-career transition, offer advice, make connections with others, expose them to opportunities, and help identify the goals and steps to achieve success. Mentoring can be a rewarding experience in which both the mentee and mentor learn from each other.  There are also opportunities to network with the other mentors and their mentees at events 2 to 3 times per year.  The program runs throughout the school year and starts in July or August for the 2017-18 year.  The commitment could be as little as 2 to 4 meetings with your mentee depending on what you work out. For details or to apply, reach out to Kathy Hubbard, Director at the Hart Center ( or Bruce Gnade, Executive Director at the Hart Center (  You may also reach out to Mike Dietz to learn more about his experience with the program (

    We had almost 50 people attend this chapter meeting. Thank you all for supporting the chapter.

    More information is available on all three topics in our library here:

    The North Texas Chapter thanks the University of Texas in Arlington for hosting the INCOSE Certification exam June 17, 2017.


    See for details.

    April 11 meeting

    April’s INCOSE event featured Kelly DeFazio presenting on the topic of Life Without Systems Engineering - Is It an Option?

    • When did Systems Engineering begin?
      • I’m not going to give anything away here. You should see the recording for yourself as Kelly did an awesome presentation.
    • Scope of Systems Engineering
    • Trade Study for Moon Landing
    • HVAC case study

    At the end of the presentation, you should know the answer to the question in the abstract, “So is Systems Engineering a technical solution need or just a government born project created to spread commerce across a varied team of contractors?”


    We had about 30 people attend the distributed locations around the area or join us online.

    Did you miss out on the networking opportunity? Presentations and links to recordings are available in Library and Resources at:
    I hope to see you at a future event. 

    March 14 meeting

    Last night’s INCOSE event featured Rick Dove presenting on the topic of Agile Systems Engineering and Hardware. Key take-away points included:

    • Definition of an ‘Agile System’ (vs an agile process)
    • Key characteristics of an agile system
    • Key responsibilities for maintaining an agile system’s life cycle
    • The synergist relationship between agile systems and agile development processes
    • Agile development processes as wave-like iterative cycles of product hand-off
    • Four case studies:
      • Space and Naval Warfare Center (SPAWAR)
      • Rockwell Collins
      • Northrup Grumman
      • Lockheed Martin


    We had about 50 people attend the distributed locations around the area or join us online.

    Did you miss out on the networking opportunity? Presentations and links to recordings are available in Library and Resources at:
    I hope to see you at a future event. 


    March Board Meeting

    • Long Dong and Yvonne Bijan from Lockheed Martin will be our April speaker. The topic will be an overview of Systems Engineering and the INCOSE certification program.
    • No Magic will introduce the board members and kickoff of an MBSE Interest Group prior to the cocktail reception at the No Magic World Symposium.
    • The strategic, operational, communication, membership, and ambassador plans for the chapter are in work.
    • The chapter will have an exhibit booth at the No Magic World Symposium in Allen May 21-24. If you would like to help staff the booth, contact Yvonne Bijan at so I can coordinate a schedule.
    • The chapter will host an INCOSE certification exam in the paper based format. Planning is in work and the event will probably take place on a Saturday in May/June. The exam will be free to anyone who wishes to take it including non-members. More details will be provided as planning progresses.