Empowering Women as
Leaders in 
Systems Engineering

pen-markerPurpose of EWLSE

Empowering Women as Leaders in Systems Engineering (EWLSE) address the diversity gap currently present in the systems engineering community.

EWLSE focuses on:

  • Increasing participation of women in systems engineering
  • Broadening awareness through research
  • Removing obstacles for women in leadership
  • Enabling success through collaboration
  • Celebrating the benefits of diversity

SelectedVision of EWLSE

The vision of this new INCOSE initiative is for men and women to work together as advocates for women as leaders in systems engineering by:
  • Creating a systems engineering environment welcoming to all
  • Promoting the proven value of women as systems engineers and leaders
  • Enabling increased participation and retention of women in systems engineering leadership
  • Engaging women at all levels of education around the world