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The INCOSE Tools Database Working Group (TDWG) makes information on commercial-of-the-shelf (COTS) and government-off-the-shelf (GOTS) tools of interest to systems engineers available via this website.

The Tools Database is currently unavailable, but we will try to have it working early next year.

About the Systems Engineering Tools Database

The INCOSE Systems Engineering Tools Database website is sponsored by the Tools Database Working Group. The Tools Database Working Group consists of both tool users and tool suppliers who are interested in the use of technology to enable Systems Engineering. The TDWG began gathering information on SE tools that support requirements management, systems architecting, and neasurement tools in the 1990's. Working with the INCOSE Requirements Management, Systems Architecting, and Metrics Working Groups, they developed the survey questions for tools found here. The survey responses, including the rating of compliance with each questions or feature, are provided by the tool vendors directly. However, the TDWG reserves the right to review and correct any "informational injustices" (i.e. exaggerated answers). Please report any bugs or enhancement suggestions to the Tools Database Working Group. Your feedback is appreciated. Please encourage any vendor whose tool is not yet included in the survey database to participate by sending them a link to this website.

Disclaimer: The associated survey responses are provided for informational purposes only to INCOSE members and other members of the systems engineering community. There is no intent by INCOSE to endorse any tool listed or discredit any tool not listed. The information shown has NOT been verified by INCOSE as to its accuracy or validity and therefore all users are cautioned to use at their own discretion. INCOSE cannot be held accountable for any interpretations, liabilities or damages that may occur should any of the provided data be inaccurate, misstated, or in any other way misrepresent its correct status. All users are encouraged to conduct their own verification of the data prior to its use. Reliance or use of the information shown here is solely at the user's own risk.

Thanks for your patience and inputs on making the Tools Database site better! Please direct comments or questions to the Tools Database Working Group.

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