The INCOSE Board of Directors delegated the responsibility for collecting nominations and identifying suitable candidates to the Nominations and Elections Committee. In the autumn, you will have the opportunity to vote for positions listed below which become vacant at IW 2018.  

We ask you, the members to help us to identify INCOSE Members for this election. You may nominate yourself. Please send the name of your proposed candidate to the Chair of the Nominations & Elections Committee: David Long as soon as possible, and no later than 1 August 2017. 

Elections will be done by electronic balloting for those who have elected to vote electronically. Only active members as of 1 October (students cannot vote) will be eligible to vote. Be sure to renew your membership if you are due to renew to ensure your vote will count! If you would like to change from paper to electronic ballot you may update your profile by 1 October in your Profile Home.

Paper ballots will be mailed and e-mails will be sent the first week of November. Please review the candidate biographies and visions and be sure to cast your ballot early to ensure it is received by the processing center, no later than third week of November.

If you have questions you may contact any of the following members of the Nominations and Elections Committee:

David Long Chair David Long
Bill Miller
Co-Chair Bill Miller
Renee Oosthuizen Sectors Renee Oosthuizen
Paul Frenz CAB Paul Frenz
Serge Landry At Large Serge Landry
Hazel Woodcock At Large Hazel Woodcock
Joe Marvin Tech Ops Joe Marvin
Garry Roedler Board Liaison Garry Roedler
Courtney Wright  SEP LInk Courtney Wright

Election Positions and Details