Technical Tours


The 2005 Symposium committee is pleased to offer the following Technical Tours:
  • ITT space operations tour
    Friday, July 15 1:00-5:00

  • Xerox Technical Tour
    Friday, July 15 8:00-12:00
    Bus will leave from in front of Convention Center at 8:00
    We will arrive at the newly opened customer demonstration center at the Xerox Webster facility where you will be taken into an auditorium for a brief introduction to the principles of color digital printing.  You will be able to see a demonstration of a number of Xerox digital printers, and how the Igen3 printer works.  Igen3 is the premier color high speed digital printing press on the market today.  We will finish with a tour of paper technology.  The complexity of choosing a quality paper for printing may surprise and enlighten you.  We will return to the Convention Center at about 12:00