INCOSE SySTEM Initiative

SySTEM is a "Systems, Science. Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)" Initiative intended to promote INCOSE specific interactions with the global STEM and related education communities. This will include describing INCOSE's unique role in STEM education and how is it promoted, the application of the INCOSE Competency Framework to all levels of education, encouraging and promoting STEM volunteerism across regions and chapters, and working with educators to enhance systems disciplines in STEM curricula.

A SySTEM goal is to foster a community for enhancing the way that systems disciplines interface and integrate with education. This online community aims to make it easier for participants to share diverse perspectives and establish inter-organizational collaborations in support of the SySTEM vision.

STEM can also be described by science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) and the INCOSE goal is to be inclusive rather than exclusive in definitions or programs.

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