Call for Employers - Student Career Fair Virtual Booths

Aug 20, 2022, 06:36 AM by GLRC Admin

Fall 2022 Virtual SE Student Career Fair - New Hire and Internship Positions
Booth Set-up: Now - Oct 23, 2022

- DON'T DELAY -  Secure a virtual recruiting booth in time for the Fall 2022 INCOSE Student Virtual Career Fair: LEARN MORE.

Virtual recruiting booths are offered on a 1 year subscription basis and include up to 4 Fairs that coincide with INCOSE events. The Fall 2022 Fair will coincide with (and will be virtually linked to) the 5th Annual INCOSE Western Sates Regional Conference (WSRC, Sept 30 - Oct 2) and the 5th Annual New England Workshop (Oct 28-29, 2022). Booths are Very easy and efficient to set-up. Take advantage of time and effort-saving AI technology (chatbots, etc.) and analytics, Tailored, discount and complimentary booth packages are available. Learn more request a consultation or demo, or register for a booth, by clicking HERE.


Students - Explore the World of Opportunities in Systems Engineering (SE)

• Entry Level
• Internships

The INCOSE Virtual SE Student Career Fair is OPEN for resume uploading and  browsing of employer booths and job postings, uploading traditional and video resumes, and visiting the INCOSE welcome booth to learn about careers in systems engineering, COST = FREE.

Sept 19 – Nov 19  ( 24/7 )
–  Browse Employer Virtual Booths
–  Use Chatbots/IT to Connect
–  Visit INCOSE Welcome Center
–  Upload Your Resume

Live Interaction Periods:
–  Student Program (during conferences)
WSRC:  Sept 30 – Oct 2
New England Workshop:  Oct 28-29

–  Live Chats & Interviews (with employers)
Round 1:   Oct 26-27
Round 2:   Nov 17-18