Welcome to the Michigan Chapter

The Michigan Chapter is one of the most diverse in the world with approximately 140 members associated with over two dozen organizations. Most of our members are affiliated with one of the many major automotive, aerospace, defense, energy, medical device, healthcare, consumer goods or information technology companies operating in Michigan. Other members represent the growing entrepreneurial start-up movement which has taken root in the state. Still others are affiliated with major Michigan universities and some government agencies.

Our primary goal at this time is to support and increase Michigan INCOSE® membership by establishing the Chapter as a leading force in creating a highly dynamic and innovative systems engineering community within the State of Michigan.

Chapter Upcoming Events


ASEP / CSEP / ESEP Certification Exams

ASEP / CSEP / ESEP Certification Exams

Chapter News

Call for Employers - Student Career Fair Virtual Booths

REGISTRATION OPEN - On-Demand 24/7 Viewing - Thru May 17, 2021 - 14th Annual NC-GLRC Regional Conference

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