• Orlando Chapter Members Holiday Party - December 2017

  • Orlando Chapter Meeting - January 2018: Nuclear Treaty Monitoring

  • Journey Level Career Fair for NAWCTSD and NSWC - Session 1

  • Journey Level Career Fair for NAWCTSD and NSWC - Session 2

  • Orlando Chapter Meeting - February 2018: Big-Data and Big Simulation

    Big-Data and Big-Simulation: Modeling Stochastic Dynamics for the Next Generation of Air Traffic Systems

  • Orlando Chapter Meeting - April 2018: Optimizing solar cell efficiency and solar energy production

    Clean renewable solar energy is and will continue to be a critically important source of electrical energy. Solar energy has the potential of meeting all of the world's energy needs, and has seen substantial growth in recent years. Solar cells can convert sun light directly into electrical energy, and much progress has been made in making them less expensive and more efficient. This presentation will examine optimizing solar cell efficiency and solar energy production

  • Orlando Chapter Meeting - May 2018: Feature-based Product Line Engineering - PLE for the Enterprise

  • Orlando Chapter Meeting - June 2018: Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (USD(R&E)) Reorganization

  • Orlando Chapter Meeting - July 2018: IS 2019 Planning and Enlightening Discussions

  • Orlando Chapter Meeting - August 2018: An overview of Blockchain Technologies within Simulation and Training

  • Orlando Chapter Meeting - International Symposium 2019 Planning and Discussions

  • Orlando Chapter Meeting - November 2018

  • Orlando Chapter Meeting - January 2019: Orlando International Airport

  • Orlando Chapter Meeting - February 2019: DARPA Discussions

  • Orlando Chapter Meeting - March 2019: Human Side of Cybersecurity

  • Orlando Chapter Meeting - Building and Integrating an Information Security Trustworthiness Framework for Aviation Systems

  • Orlando Chapter Meeting - Two Technologies Change Everything

  • Complexity Explorer's Origins of Life Course

    This information is being passed to our membership as a chapter service to inform you of an online course offered by Complexity Explorer at Sante Fe Institute. Complexity Explorer provides online courses and educational materials about complexity science. Complexity Explorer is an education project of the Santa Fe Institute - the world headquarters for complexity science.

  • Orlando Chapter Meeting - The Drake Equation and the Fermi Paradox

  • Orlando Chapter Meeting - Thought Leader and High-Precision Innovation-Modernization Implementer