Seattle Metro Chapter

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Welcome to the Seattle Metro Chapter

The Seattle Metropolitan Chapter (SMC) of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) seeks to advance the state of the art and practice of systems engineering in industry, academia, and government by promoting interdisciplinary, scaleable approaches to produce technologically appropriate solutions that meet the needs of the greater Seattle area by: 

Providing a regular forum for Systems Engineering (SE) topics and professional networking

Fostering the mission and goals of INCOSE, through active support of local science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) events

Providing an established, integrated SE training program (including tutorials)

Maintaining a web-site for international, regional, and local information dissemination and interactive discussion

Chapter Events

Servant Leadership That Gets It Done

Seattle Metro Chapter General Membership Meeting - Early System V&V Using SysML Simulation

Geographic Information System (GIS) - Mapping the Way to a Sustainable World - A Digital Transformation

Chapter News

NSC to Provide Live-streaming Chapter Meetings

Agile SE tutorial/workshop - Save the Date

INCOSE UK Launches an Early Careers Forum

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