SoMD Chapter Meeting & Presentation: Integration of PM & SE

Lexington Park , US
23309 Exploration Drive
Cheryl Kinchen, CSEP
(704) 517-9402

KBR Host: Greg Olson, UAS Program Manager, (240) 538-4212

PM and SE are two skill sets applicable to projects / programs. Discussion includes where these two areas intersect; available resources and INCOSE Webinar #142 Video.

INCOSE SoMD Chapter Meeting and Presentation:  Integration of PM & SE


  • Welcome
  • Quick Reports: Treasurer, Membership, Certification
  • Presentation:
    •Integration of PM & SE
    •Available SE/PM resources
    •Video: Webinar #149
  • Discussion Hosts: Greg Olson and Cheryl Kinchen, CSEP