INCOSE-SCC Monthly Chapter Meeting - March 3, 2016

Melbourne , USA
Spacecoast Fab Lab 2475 Palm Bay Road NE
Joe Vandeville
(321) 848-1307

This will be our regular Chapter meeting for March 2016.
NOTE LOCATION: At The SPACECOAST FAB LAB 2475 Palm Bay Road NE, across the street from the Harris.  See directions below.

Topic: Looking for Tangibility in Human-Centered Design

Speaker: Dr. Guy Boy

About the Presentation:
During the 20th century, mechanical engineering was the grounding discipline in engineering; then electronics and computer science progressively penetrated mechanics. We moved from hardware to software. We automated. A new discipline was born, cognitive engineering for the analysis of how people deal with automation. Since the beginning of the 21st century, almost everything is designed and further developed on computers, from using PowerPoint to sophisticated simulations, before building concrete systems. We moved from software to hardware. Ultimately, we will soon 3D print software cars, aircraft and homes. Virtual engineering supports design to the point that we can easily run human-in-the-loop simulations, and therefore test safety, efficiency, comfort, usability and usefulness at design time. Tangibility has become the new emerging issue. Can we assess tangibility during the design process before product delivery? This book presents the new endeavor of tangible interactive systems (TISs), as well as both facets of tangibility: physical (grasping an object) and figurative (grasping a concept). How can human-centered designers grasp the real world with computers? This question is tentatively answered along several dimensions such as innovation, complexity, flexibility, maturity, stability, sustainability and art. Creativity, design thinking and team spirit are the central pieces of TIS's human-centered design, and are presented together with human-systems integration (HSI), agile development and formative evaluations. 

About the Speaker:
- University Professor and Dean, School of Human-Centered Design, Innovation and Art and Ph.D. & Master’s Programs, Florida Institute of Technology
- IPA Chief Scientist for Human-Centered Design at NASA Kennedy Space Center.
- Chair of the Human-Systems Integration Working Group of INCOSE
- Fellow of the Air and Space Academy
- Obtained his Masters and Ph.D. from the French Aerospace Institute of Technology 
- Professor Habilitation in Computer and Cognitive Sciences from the University of Paris
- Previous affiliations: IHMC, EURISCO (Airbus), ONERA (French Aerospace Research Administration), ESA, NASA Ames

Location - The SpaceCoast Fab Lab
From U.S. 1 turn West onto Palm Bay Road.  The address is 2475 Palm Bay Road NE, across the street from the Harris Corporation. Google Map at :,+Palm+Bay,+FL+32905/@28.0354623,-80.6040388,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x88de125b4bbe97cf:0x3e8824364e913e47