INCOSE-SCC Monthly Chapter Meeting - January 12, 2017, January 12, 2017 New Year Event, Systems Engineering as Information Management

Indialantic , USA
Sanctuary Clubhouse 2255 Mockingbird Lane

This will be our January 2017 New Year Event with the installation of newly elected officers.
At The Sanctuary Clubhouse at 2255 Mockingbird Lane, Indialantic, FL.  See directions below.

Topic: January 12, 2017 New Year Event; Systems Engineering as Information Management

Speaker: Eric Barnhart, Harris

About the Presentation:
Eric Barnhart graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering, but found himself thrust into the world of software at the NASA Johnson Space Center. While there he became exposed to the real world of engineering, including bureaucracy, bloated processes and failed programs. It was there he read multiple articles in defense and aerospace trade journals that continually told of major programs that went over-budget, failed or were canceled. There was one very obvious commonality to all the failures; the system engineering efforts, especially requirements elicitation, were either non-existent or very poor.

Realizing that the lack of systems thinking was the number 1 problem behind most engineering project failures, Eric gravitated to systems engineering. He decided his mission in life was to improve systems engineering, and especially requirements elicitation and management. He wanted to make a difference.

Over thirty years later, he realized system engineering has not significantly changed. We still have poor system engineering practices. Lessons-learned are never implemented. Projects continue to fail and go over budget because poor system engineering continues to be the number one problem. Yet, he still strives to improve the systems engineering discipline. That’s why he created to discuss key issues in system engineering and challenge some sacred cows.

About the Speaker:
In order to better perform our jobs as system engineers, we need to understand the territory of systems engineering, guide ourselves from point A to point B in that territory, and be able to communicate our results to our stakeholders.  We understand our jobs by building and following a metaphorical map of the system engineering territory.  We make decisions about how to get from one point to another. We communicate to our customers by providing them another simplified map of the results that they can understand and relate to.  

System engineers have spent decades developing processes, but far too little time developing and formalizing the map of the SE territory.  In order to make decisions, we need a complete model of the system engineering territory, including a model of the SE discipline itself and a model of the customer needs.

This presentation introduces some concepts needed to understand the importance of information management for system engineers.

Location - The Sanctuary Clubhouse
The Sanctuary Clubhouse is at 2255 Mockingbird Lane, Indialantic, FL. The Clubhouse is in the middle of the neighborhood. Enter from Riverside Drive, 1 mile south of Eau Gallie Blvd.  Drive straight ahead to the stop sign and then keep to the right to get to the clubhouse.  It's a gated community, but arrangements will be made for entry through the Riverside Drive entrance – tell the guard you are going to the INCOSE meeting. Google Map at :,+Indialantic,+FL+(The+Sanctuary)&ie=UTF8&z=15&om=1&iwloc=A