Space Coast Chapter Meeting - April 6 - Systems Engineering in the Oil and Gas Industry

Melbourne , USA
Spacecoast Fab Lab 2475 Palm Bay Road NE

This will be our regular Chapter meeting for April 2017. Food & drink provided at no charge - just let us know you are coming.
NOTE LOCATION: At The SPACECOAST FAB LAB 2475 Palm Bay Road NE (across the street from the Harris).  See directions below.

Topic: Systems Engineering in the Oil and Gas Industry
Speaker: Munir Kundawala
About the Presentation:
Munir Kundawala, CSEP, will be presenting Systems Engineering utilization in the Oil and Gas Industry. Munir has worked in multiple industries throughout his career and has worked with Oil and Gas Stakeholders in establishing an INCOSE Oil and Gas Workgroup. Throughout his career he has obtained many lessons learned as well as insight into what applications of Systems Engineering are effective in each industry. Mainly systems engineers are recognized in Aerospace, but many other industries are starting to utilize the benefits of Systems Engineering. This presentation provides an overview of how systems engineering is being utilized in the Oil and Gas Industry and how Systems Engineers are helping change the way programs are executed..
About the Speaker:
Munir Kundawala started working as a technician early in his career, and progressed to the telecommunications industry. During the transition, he noticed many issues in the processes and policies as well as integration of networks with various customers. He later moved into the defense/space industry where he worked on multiple fighter jets and spacecraft. He then ventured into commercial aerospace/defense doing international work. Here his knowledge was broaden and many lessons learned from the various programs all came into perspective. His next adventure lead him back to space applications and the Oil and Gas/Healthcare Industry. While leveraging all the systems engineering aspects obtained from the previous careers, he was setting ground to help transform the Oil and Gas/Healthcare Industry and their perspective on Systems Engineering. He established working groups and created a dialogue of what aspects work for Oil and Gas projects and the benefits associated with the effort. Due to the market downturn in Oil and Gas, Munir is currently working Airport Operations Voice Systems.

Location - The SpaceCoast Fab Lab
From U.S. 1 turn West onto Palm Bay Road.  The address is 2475 Palm Bay Road NE, across the street from the Harris Corporation. Google Map at :,+Palm+Bay,+FL+32905/@28.0354623,-80.6040388,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x88de125b4bbe97cf:0x3e8824364e913e47