Space Coast Chapter Meeting - March 7, 2019 - Enterprise Architecture process as it relates to Systems Engineers and Systems Engineering

Melbourne , USA
Florida Tech, 150 W. University Blvd

This will be our regular Chapter meeting for the month. Food & drink are provided at no charge - just let us know you are coming. 


 Enterprise Architecture process as it relates to Systems Engineers and Systems Engineering
Speaker: Eric Barnhart
About the Presentation:
Eric will present a simplified, publicly available, Enterprise Architecture process as it relates to Systems Engineers and Systems Engineering in general. The difference between enterprise and system/solution architectures will be addressed. Important but often overlooked aspects of the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) are covered, as well as information on other frameworks, including Unified Architecture Framework (UAF).

About our Presenter:
A long, long time ago (the 1980s) Eric graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University, but found himself thrust into the world of software with his first job at the NASA Johnson Space Center. While there he became exposed to the real world of engineering, including bureaucracy, bloated processes and failed programs. There was one very obvious commonality to all the failures; the system engineering efforts, especially requirements elicitation, were either non-existent or very poor.

Eric realized that the lack of systems thinking was the number 1 problem behind most engineering project failures, so he gravitated to systems engineering. He decided his mission in life was to improve systems engineering, and especially requirements elicitation and management. He wanted to make a difference. Over thirty years later, Eric realized system engineering has not significantly changed. The industry still has poor system engineering practices. Lessons-learned are never implemented. Projects continue to fail and go over budget because poor system engineering continues to be one of the top problems. Now after 30 years in technology and engineering, and 20 plus years as a systems engineer, Eric has accumulated a wealth of lessons-learned that he implements personally. If you’re reading this bio, it’s probably because you’re about to hear or read about one of those lessons.  Eric created as a vehicle to share these lessons and hopes you can benefit from them too.

Location - Florida Tech Evans Library Room 204 (Link Multimedia Room)
Room 204 (Link Multimedia Room) of the Evans Library on the campus of the Florida Institute of Technology.  You can park in most spaces after 5:00 p.m., except for those marked "Reserved 24/7." Lot 10 off Country Club Drive is a good location, quite close to the library. So is Lot 16 off Babcock. 

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Campus map:

FIT Parking Map (pdf)