• Wasatch Chapter Plans for 2020

    Come join us for dinner, networking, and a discussion about plans for 2020. This meeting will also feature a tour of the Kihomac facility!

  • Wasatch Chapter Meeting @ Weber State University -- INCOSE Vision 2025, Presented by Vince Johnston

    For our February meeting, the INCOSE Wasatch chapter will meet at Weber State University in Ogden! We invite you to join us as we discuss INCOSE Vision 2025, with a focus on the current and future states of systems engineering. Faculty, administrators, and students will be present at the meeting. This will be a great opportunity to impact the future of systems engineering for current professionals and aspiring students.

  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Engineering Week Distinguished Lecture (INCOSE Wasatch Chapter)

    Attend the annual AIAA Engineering Week Distinguished Lecture. Dr. Paul Bevilaqua, from Lockheed Martin, will discuss Vertical Take Off and Landing aircraft.

  • Utah Engineers Council (UEC) -- 2020 Awards Banquet (INCOSE Wasatch Chapter Sponsorship)

    Purchase your tickets for the UEC 2020 Awards Banquet! See details about the keynote speaker, awards, scholarships, food, and networking!

  • Wasatch Chapter Meeting -- Louise Mudd, PE -- "Measurement Techniques to Ensure Appropriate Process Maturity"

    Come join us for dinner, networking, and featured presentation by Louise Mudd about different measurement techniques to ensure appropriate process maturity.

  • Wasatch Chapter Meeting -- INCOSE Certification by Paul White

    For our April meeting, the Wasatch chapter will discuss the INCOSE certification program and answer your questions.

  • Wasatch Chapter Meeting -- Planetary Defenses by Charlie Vono

    For our May meeting, Charlie Vono will deliver an engaging presentation about planetary defenses.

  • Wasatch Chapter Meeting -- SysML v. 2.0 by Sanford Friedenthal

    For our June meeting, Sanford Friedenthal, the creator of SysML, presents the major changes that will be included in the SysML v. 2.0 release. RSVP and remote attendance information are coming soon.

  • Wasatch Chapter Meeting -- INCOSE Working Groups -- John McCrea, Paul Nelson, & Tamara Hambrick

    For our August meeting, we invite you to our panel discussion about INCOSE Working Groups and, in particular, the ones that our Wasatch Chapter directly supports. Meeting will feature John McCrea, Lead Engineer, MMIII Flight Destruct System; and Paul Nelson, and Tamara Hambrick, both from Northrop Grumman.

  • Wasatch Chapter Meeting -- NOAA Satellite Observing System Architecture (NSOSA) Study by Dr. Mark Maier

    For our September meeting, Dr. Mark Maier will present about the NOAA Satellite Observing System Architecture (NSOSA) study.

  • Wasatch Chapter Meeting -- Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Initiative by Mark Sampson

    Mark Sampson will present the latest developments in INCOSE's Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Initiative. Mark Sampson's annual presentations are always informative and engaging.

  • Wasatch Chapter Meeting -- Hitchhiker Guide to the Digital Engineering "Galaxy" by Thomas Lockhart

    Thomas Lockhart will present the latest U.S. Air Force ICBM Initiatives. Come enjoy this engaging presentation from Thomas Lockhart.

  • Wasatch Chapter 5th Annual Holiday Celebration, Featuring Kent Rominger, Former Astronaut

    The INCOSE Wasatch Chapter cordially invites you to our 5th annual holiday celebration on Thursday, December 12, 2019, from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will hold our holiday celebration virtually this year. We will reflect on the year, announce next year's officers, present our UEC award nominees, raffle some prizes, and feature Kent Rominger (former astronaut)!

  • Wasatch Chapter Meeting -- Chapter Planning for 2021

    For our January meeting, we will plan our 2021 year. We welcome your input!

  • Wasatch Chapter Meeting -- “Emerging Failure Mode Detection: Implementing FRACAS at Your Repair Depot” by Charlie Vono

    Join us in February as Charlie Vono shares an example of how the ICBM Program handled effectively the timely detection of new failure modes.

  • Wasatch Chapter Meeting -- “International Workshop Debrief”

    Join us in March as we host a panel discussion about the INCOSE International Workshop (IW). We will pass along knowledge and insights gained from the IW.

  • Wasatch Chapter Meeting -- “INCOSE Certification Questions & Answers”

    Join us in April as we support you in your goals to achieve and maintain your INCOSE certifications (e.g., ASEP, CSEP, and ESEP). Please come prepared as we cover updates and answer your questions.

  • Wasatch Chapter Meeting -- “Career Progression and Possibilities for Systems Engineers”

    Join us in May for an interactive discussion on career progression and possibilities for Systems Engineers. Please come and participate in this discussion.

  • AIAA/INCOSE Wasatch 4th Annual August is for Aerospace Social

    American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) invite you to our 4th Annual August is for Aerospace social! Join both rank and file and top leaders in industry, academia, and government to discuss the future of Utah's engineering workforce! Tickets are available for purchase.

  • Wasatch Chapter Meeting @ Weber State University -- The Principle Driven Development (PDD) ‘Open-Windows’ Tool by Howard Cooper

    For our September meeting, the INCOSE Wasatch chapter will meet at Weber State University in Ogden! We invite you to join us as Howard Cooper discusses "How to predict, forecast and develop the next ‘big thing,’ customers will adopt and embrace, before the competition does, using the Principle Driven Development (PDD) ‘Open-Windows’ tool".