The Relevancy of Systems Engineering in the 21st Century

Why should you Attend?

Why should you attend the INCOSE WSRC?

Today’s environments are getting more and more complex.   Systems Engineering’s focus on holistic solutions, life cycle considerations, and balanced tradeoffs helps organizations create superior systems solutions that delight their stakeholders.

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Who should attend INCOSE WSRC2019?

Traditionally, most WSRC attendees have been Systems Engineers from various industries and domains. However, more and more industries and domains are recognizing the value and return on investment in taking a more holistic, systems approach.  WSRC is tailoring the content of the technical program to be relevant to a broad set of interests.  You should attend WSRC2019 if you fit into any of the following categories:

Practicing Systems Engineers
in any domain (automotive, biomedical & healthcare, defense & aerospace, energy, infrastructure, etc.) or those involved in New Product Development (NPD)

Aspiring Systems Engineers
such as lead software and hardware engineers who want to become systems engineers, and non-engineers who want a more holistic and balanced approach

Systems Engineering Students
including graduate students in Systems Engineering or related fields, undergraduate students wishing to learn a systems approach to mechatronic problems and solutions

People Who Interact with Systems Engineers
including Program and Project Managers, Marketing/Business Development, Regulatory Compliance, Specialty Engineering (Safety, Human Factors, Reliability, Sustainability, etc.)

People Who Have Systems Challenges or Systems Interests
including leaders, private citizens, students, or anyone who faces systemic challenges or opportunities

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