Certification Exams

In addition to the process of taking certification exams at ProMetrics facilities for a cost, local chapters can work with their membership and the INCOSE Certification Program Manager to facilitate hosting exams for no cost.  Events and locations where no cost exams have been offered include:

Professional Conferences and Events

  • ​INCOSE International Symposiums
  • INCOSE International Workshops
  • Great Lakes Regional Conferences
  • NDIA SE Conferences
  • EMEASEC/TdSE Conference (Berlin)

Colleges and Universities

  • ​George Mason University
  • Un​iversity of Pittsburgh

Business Locations

  • Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab (JHU/APL)
  • Northrop Grumman

​​Local Chapters

  • WMA
  • Chesapeake 
  • Michigan
  • MIdwest Gateway 

​​Chapters can also combine resources to co-sponsor exam events in larger metropolitan areas. For example, the Washington Metropolitan Area (WMA) hosted an exam at George Mason University in October 2016.  The Chesapeake Chapter leaders leased a bus to transport members who wanted to sit for this no cost exam. The bus picked up members at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab in Laurel (about an hour away) early on a Saturday morning and transported the test takers to George Mason University in Virginia. The Chesapeake Chapter provided bagged breakfasts and lunches for attendees while WMA provided refreshments at the test location.


In May 2017the WMA and Chesapeake chapters co-sponsored an exam at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab. Members from both chapters proctored the exam and signed in registered test takers.  Refreshments were provided for the test takers and supplied by both chapters. The chapters exchanged chapter mugs (with their logos) with the volunteers as a gift of gratitude for their volunteerism.  


Contact the INCOSE Certification Program Manager if you are interested in facilitating one of these very worthwhile events.​ Click here​ for access to INCOSE Certification Resources.

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