​​INCOSE Chapter Awards Program​

​​The ​Chapter Awards and Recogntion Program rewards the achievements of local chapters in the form of Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze achievement awards.  Awards for Outstanding Chapter and Most Improved Chapter are usually awarded annually as well. The criteria and submission requirements for these achievement awards are evaluated on the basis of the criteria listed below (also attached in spreadsheet format). Each chapter is responsible for submitting substantiated evidence that shows they meet or exceed the requirements to receive achievement points. Usually, the President-Elect gathers the data during the year to submit prior to January of the following year of their tenure. This helps the President-Elect learn the importance of key areas of chapter operations. The Chapter Awards Program is supported by the Chapter Awards Working Group.


The Chair of the Chapter Awards Working Group maintains a Primer that is used by new directors and officers that contains instructions for participating in the chapter awards program. That presentation is attached.


Activity/Product DescriptionPoints
per Activity
Max PointsRequired Documentation for Verification  Discussion/ Rationale
Section A -1.0 Officer Training
Officer Training reviews the current resources available to officers, and helps build alignment among the leadership team.
All officers are encouraged to take the training provided on th​e Keys to Effective Chapter Wiki at least once.
A1Leadership Orientation:  Chapter Board training can be accomplished via web meeting or in person, or via self-study of a presentation. To be of value, training should occur shortly after each officer is installed or before.100 pts. per New or Continuing Chapter officer who completes the training in 2018.

Completed by April 15th - 100%
Completed by May 15th - 80%
Completed by June 15th - 60%
Completed by July 15th - 40%
Completed by August 15th - 20%

Otherwise, try again next year.
500To achieve full points the Chapter must provide attendance list, or evidence of self-study completion (such as a certified list of names and date training completed).

Leadership team members who previously completed the training can re-qualify by participating in a team meeting that reviews the materials with a discussion on updates such as new events, IT updates, Keys to Effective Chapters, and other new resources.
 Officer Training/Orientation should be conducted to ensure officers are acquainted with INCOSE resources available to help them. An on-line tutorial is available in the Keys to Effective Chapters Wiki  There is also a Powerpoint Presentation that the officers can use for this training. If taken on-line, provide list of who took the training and when. If the Chapter has its own training program, that is acceptable, but the local training materials should be submitted as evidence.
Summary Allowed for Training 500   
Section B - 2.0  Chapter Planning
The process of planning is essential and to be most effective must be a joint effort of the Chapter Leadership Team.
The plan should be straightforward and periodically updated.
The template provided on the Keys to Effective Chapters Wiki, or equivalent, is recommended.  A step-by-step planning workbook is available  under Plans.
B1Survey Chapter membership to aid the BOD in setting Chapter direction and addressing member desires such as events and topics. Survey should address Chapter and INCOSE-level concerns. Survey is intended to assist in planning future activities of the Chapter.  Chapter may add local topics appropriate for their membership1) 100 pts for conducting survey
2)   75 pts for publishing results
3)   75 pts for analyzing results

If conducted Jan - June - 100%
If conducted after 30 June - 50%
250To achieve full points the Chapter must provide:
1) A copy of the survey (to verify
2) A copy of the results, and
3) A copy of the analysis of results/
 This is a general survey of what chapter member would like in terms of events, schedules, presentation topics, etc., to help facilitate planning. The intention in requiring it to be accomplished in the first half of the year for full points is so that the results of the survey can influence the activities that the Chapter plans the remainder of the year.  The sooner in the year that the survey is completed and analyzed, the better the results can be used.
B2Strategic Planning: The Chapter should develop or update the Chapter Strategy Plan, aligned with the INCOSE vision, mission, goals and objectives.
Strategic planning is part of a comprehensive planning document.
Submission deadlines
300 pts. -  by 15 April
200 pts. -  by 15 May
100 pts. -  by 15 June
50 pts. - after 15 June

Submission date is evidenced by the date that the file shows as uploaded to INCOSE Connect.
300To achieve full points the Chapter must provide documented long range vision/mission/goals, aligned with those of INCOSE, and supported by strategies to achieve them.

To achieve credit, the Chapter must provide evidence (such as document signature page) that the initial written plan was developed by the Chapter Leadership team (provide names of involved team members including at least 3 officers).

Credit can also be claimed for the new leadership team reviewing an existing long range Strategic Plan for understanding and possible adjustments.  Provide evidence of the team doing the review, date, and notes from the review.
 A long range Strategic plan greatly minimizes discontinuities in year to year transition, and provides a good foundation for the Operating Plan. However, keep it simple, appropriate for your chapter.  Provide clear reference to how the Chapter will advance INCOSE vision, mission, goals.
Planning is a key component of Systems Engineering; likewise Chapter Planning should be recognized and rewarded separately as an encouragement.
To ensure year over year sustainability the Chapter needs to be involved and committed to the planning.
There  is a Chapter Planning Workbook on the Keys to Effective Chapters wiki.
B3Operational Planning: The Chapter's Operations Plan should translate the Strategy Plan into specific activities, responsible person(s), schedules and budget.

Operations planning is part of a comprehensive planning document.
The Operations Plan should address the seven areas addressed in Sections C, D, E, F, G, H, and I of this spreadsheet 

-Chapter Events
-Chapter Communications
-Chapter Membership
-Chapter Technical Contributions
-Chapter Outreach and Collaboration
-Chapter Support of INCOSE
-Chapter Operations and Local Recognition

Each of these sections of the Operations Plan would be worth 100 points.

1) 100% if submitted by 15 April 
2)   50% if submitted by 15 May
3)   25% after 15 June

Submission date is evidenced by the date that the file shows as uploaded to INCOSE Connect.
700To achieve full points the Chapter must provide documentation of major activity areas with specific plans identified in advance (before execution).
The Communication plans, including Ambassador/promoters need to identify who, what and when communications are planned.
Membership plans need to address recruitment, retention, and analysis of those not renewing.
Each portion of the plan needs to identify who is responsible, a high level schedule and an anticipated budget.

The Chapter should provide evidence (such as document signature page) that the written plan was developed and/or approved by the Chapter's Leadership team (provide names of involved team members including at least 3 officers).
 The Operational plan does not have to be elaborate, but just specifically address the items identified.

The Chapter Planning Workbook on the Keys to Effective Chapters wiki should be tailored to your chapter's needs. However it is important to consider all the items you plan to accomplish for the year.

The plan should be specific as possible and updated throughout the year. List who is responsible and provide dates or at least month or quarter for activities to be updated later. Include goals for items like attendance at IS and IW to encourage particularly officers to attend. Plan how to support prep for Certification.

Periodic communications that are timely and relevant are key to an effective chapter.

Planning recruiting of new members, a specific focus on continuously engaging members to ensure retention,  and active follow-up for non-renewals are a key to Chapter growth.  Educate about all the benefits and products of INCOSE. 
Summary Allowed for Planning 1,000   
Sections C-J   Results Keyed to Plan
The remainder of the year is executing to your Chapter Plan (above) that is periodically updated
Section C-2.2 Chapter Event Results
Chapter meeting, tutorials, seminars, conferences
C1Conduct Chapter meetings with featured speaker, or Chapter event*.

*Chapter event examples: an all-Chapter planning meeting, technical tour, social or networking meeting. 
For each event, score 5 pts. per 1% of membership in attendance at the event.  Do this for all Chapter events held thoughout the year.  The attendance includes all attendees of the event regardless if they are INCOSE Members.  That number is then compared to the Membership of the Chapter at the beginning of the year.1,000To achieve full points, the Chapter should provide the event description and the number in attendance for each event.  Chapters are encouraged to utilize attendance lists to count the numbers of attendees. Show calculation of percent attendance.  Presentations on INCOSE products or services, and presentations by one of the more than 2 dozen International Working Groups are also great sources of relevant and interesting SE programs.

Changed to percent of membership (as of start of year) attending events. Example: if 200 members are on the roles, an attendance of 20 personnel (including visitors) would be 10% or 50 pts. for that event. 
C2Organize and conduct a local tutorial (an event 3-8 hours in length with one topic).10 pts. per 1% of membership in attendance plus  the following
- 3-4 hr.   - 100 pts.
- 5-8 hrs. - 200 pts.

Visitors who are potential members can be included.
600To achieve full points provide a tutorial event  record sheet with event, date, presenter/activity, number members and number visitors attending also expressed as percent of membership.

Tutorial means a single event and single topic within a single Chapter from 3 to 8 hours. Tutorial cannot be counted under other events.
Feedback/evaluation from attendees can be listed in Section J for additional points.
  Multiple presenters isn't sufficient to qualify as a 2C event.

Changed to percent of membership (as of start of  year) attending events, plus fixed points.  Example: if 300 members on the role, attendance of 15 (including visitors) at a 6 hour tutorial would be 5% or 50 points, added to 200 pts. for a total of 250 pts.  
C3Organize and conduct a local seminar or mini conference.

Mini-Conference is an event spanning 1-1.5 days on one (or more) topics with multiple speakers, panels, tutorials, and exhibits.
Per day basis
- 400 pts. for min 6 hr. day
- 200 pts. for 3-5 hr. partial day
1,200To achieve full points a seminar event must:
1) span a minimum of 1 day, 6+ hrs.
a) A preceding or subsequent partial day can receive 1/2 points if at least 3 hrs. of events
2) have at least two of the following: multiple speakers, panels, tutorials, exhibits
3)  be documented by an event flyer/ newsletter or a copy of the proceedings.
 There has been confusion distinguishing a Seminar from a Tutorial.  The additional explanation should help to avoid confusion. Multiple speakers and additional activities are more difficult to coordinate.  Otherwise with just speakers on one topic it is merely an extend tutorial.
C4Organize and conduct a regional conference.

Regional conference is a multi-day, multi-track event including speakers, panels, tutorials, and exhibits.
Per day basis
- 500 pts. for min 6 hr. day
- 250 pts. for 3-5 hr. partial day
1,500To achieve full points the Chapter must show evidence of participation in all the following:
1) planning,
2) financial support,
3) committee work or technical review tasks, and
4) support conference operation. 

Regional conference is more than 1 day long and includes at least three of the following: multiple speakers, multiple topics, panels, tutorials, exhibits

A preceding or subsequent partial day can receive 1/2 points if there are at least 3 hrs. of events

The Regional conference must be documented with a conference flyer or proceedings as evidence. 
 There are many Chapters that have large events and they are complicated to organize.  It becomes important to distinguish efforts of each Chapter so that the points can be awarded correctly.   This is particularly important when a vendor may run the show, but a Chapter just might put their name on it.

This change allows 1250 maximum points per chapter, depending on involvement and contributions.  The max total for the section is 3000 so by making this item 1250 means the chapter will need to broaden with other activities to get maximum points.

The intent is a chapter team effort, not full credit for heroic effort by an single individual
C5Chapter support for an International SymposiumUp to 1000 pts. depending on involvement1,000To achieve full points the Chapter must show evidence of participation in the following areas:
1) planning, (up to 250 pts.)
2) financial support, (up to 250 pts.)
3) committee work or technical review tasks (up to 400 pts.)
4) support IS operation (up to 100 pts.)

Any support for the IS should be claimed, not just hosting.
 Chapters were previously not allowed to take credit for IS; however, Chapters involved in an IS don't have time for much else. This change allows those Chapters involved to get points for IS to compensate for their diversion from other Chapter activities.

With this change, up to 1000 pts. can be awarded to each contributing Chapter, depending on effort contributed.  Documentation should be requested from the IS Chair to help explain the points claimed. 

The intent is a chapter team effort, not full credit for heroic effort by an single individual
Summary Allowed for Activities 3,000   
Section D-3.3 Communications Results
Website, newsletters, Ambassador/Promoter
D1Maintain an active Chapter website for Chapter communications.1) 200 pts. for Chapter Website
2) 100 pts. for current officers contact info
3) 100 pts. for each month advanced notice of upcoming events, with date/topic/speaker
4) 50 pts. for INCOSE link

Extra points can be submitted in section J for separate internal website on INCOSE Connect, and an active Wiki site.
500To achieve full points the Chapter must provide :
1) an updated Web Site address with direct links identified to show:
2) Current list/contact information for Chapter leadership team,
3) At least two dated screen shots showing announcements for upcoming Chapter events, and
4) Link to 
 Link must take evaluator directly to the evidence, no searching will be performed by the evaluators.

For creation and use of a Connect internal website or Wiki, and for social network use - claim points in Section 9 Subjective. 
D2Publish and distribute a Chapter newsletter.

Newsletter must be more than just event announcements.
100 pts. per newsletter800To achieve full points provide evidence that:
1) Chapter newsletters were provided to members in either hard copy or electronic format, and
2) each newsletter is at least 500 words in length (not including address, Chapter officers, editor's name and distribution) providing info such as public relations and advance notice of Chapter activities, relevant technical activities, reports from events, highlights of INCOSE resources, and general information about Chapter membership.
 Points capped to reduce large vs small chapter advantage.
D3Separate event notification e.g. emails, texts, Facebook, etc. In addition to the website and newsletters,   Email reminders should be sent a couple of days before each event.20 pts. for each notice sent, up to two per event.200To achieve full points, provide copies of the notices. Notices are helpful to encourage event attendance, but the actual attendance, not the number of notices is the goal, so other means of promotion may be used by some chapters more effectively. 
D4Create and maintain an “Ambassador/Promoter” program by implementing the Ambassador/Promoter portion of the Communications Plan (see 1D). 

Enlist, train (e.g. on-line pdf) and maintain contact with organization representatives (companies, societies, schools, etc.) whose role is to promote INCOSE by personal contact and distribution of Chapter announcements in their organization. Formally evaluate progress at least once after initial plan. 
1) 50 pts. for each Ambassador/promoter who completes training
2) 50 pts. per organization or society
3) 50 pts. max for one overall progress evaluation
300To achieve full points the Chapter must provide evidence of activity:
1) List of Ambassadors/Promoters and the organization(s) they serve,
2) Copy of Ambassador/Promoter training/ orientation materials,
3) List of those trained,
4) Copies of communications to Ambassadors/Promoters,
5) Some indication of feedback from Ambassadors'/Promoter's promotion activities, and
6) Report or minutes of meeting where the Ambassador/Promoter effectiveness was evaluated.
 Ambassador orientation does not need to be extensive, but sufficient to ensure Ambassadors understand the program's objective and their roles and responsibilities. Can be done on line.
D5Maintain a Social Media Presence - Chapter maintains an active Social Media site such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.100 pts. per Social Media site200To achieve full points the Chapter must provide evidence that the site has been maintained over the course of the year, and that there is an active membership or following of the site. The younger System Engineers are tuned in to the Social Media scene, and we need to develop a presence in that arena to attract new blood.
Summary Allowed for Communications 2,000   
Section E  3.4- Membership
Recruiting and retaining members, student division
E1Hold Membership Events250 Points may be taken for an Event specifically held to attract new members.  Lower amounts of points should be taken for recruiting efforts held in conjunction with other Chapter events or Industry events.500To achieve full points, the Chapter should hold a meeting or social event intended to be a recruiting opportunity. Chapter Members should be encouraged to bring associates or collegues who are not currently INCOSE Members.  The event could also be advertised to the general System Engineering community within the Chapter's geographical presence.  Other Recruiting events and efforts will be considered, but there should be some evidence or justification provided to show that recruiting new members was undertaken. This is a new way to achieve points in the Membership category started in 2015.  In 2014 the spreadsheet was skewed to award only results, but this returns some points to the category for "efforts" to increase membership.
E2Increase the chapter membership100 points for each two percent of increased membership.

New Members may be personnel who are new to INCOSE altogether, or INCOSE Members who due to location changes, change Chapter Affiliation.  If they are new to the Chapter submitting the package, they are new members.  Members whose membership lapsed that renew should be counted in the retention category below.
500To achieve full points the Chapter must provide a list of new members and join dates.
Calculated on the calendar year using the membership at the start of the year as the basis.

For examples if there are 100 members on the role at the start of the year, then each 2% is 2 members for 100 points.  If 5 new members are added during the year, it would be 250 points.
Maximum points are achieved at an 10% increase in membership, but growth greater than that should be claimed in section J - Subjective
 This is a new measure to support INCOSE growth goals. 

For recruiting new members.

INCOSE Central office will provide chapter membership at beginning of year.
E3Track and maintain retention levels500 points for maintaining a retention rate of 75% or above

300 points for maintaining a retention rate of 65% -74%

100 points for maintaining a retention rate of 50% - 64% 
500To achieve full points the Chapter must provide a worksheet showing how they calculated their retention.

Retention is the percentage of members who are up for renewal in a given year, who actually renew. New members who join during the year are not counted in the retention rate calculation. If 60 members are up for renewal by the end of the year, and 52 renew, then the retention rate is 52/60 = 87%. 
 To retain existing members and encourage them to renew membership in INCOSE
E4Publish new member name and brief introductory information such as areas of SE interest, hobbies, or company of each new member (subject to the new member's preference) in the Chapter newsletter or on the chapter website50 pts. max per newsletter, or on website in a calendar month.
- 10 pts. for just list of names or
- 50 pts. for names with other info
500To achieve full points the Chapter must provide:
1) Acknowledgement of new members by publishing as a minimum name, some info (subject to the new member's preference), and month joined, and
2) A copy of the newsletter with section related to the new member information identified or link to info on website
 The objective is to help integrate new members into the chapter, and to promote networking. The information can be very general or even omitted if preferred by the new member. 
E5Start or support a student division at a university or an equivalent relationship with Higher Education Institutes within the country of the Chapter.1) 100 pts. for each student division or relationship with an Academic Institute
2) 50 pts. for each student division website
3) 100 pts. for each IUSE Campaign
4). 25 pts. for each student attending INCOSE IW2018 or IS2018
5) 50 pts. for each Systems Engineering Product
6) 10 pts. for each active student

Note: limit one per university
500To achieve full points the Chapter must provide:
1) Identify the relationship (Student Division or describe other) and name of university.
2) Show evidence of a current student website linked to the Chapter website.
3) Show photos, articles of sponsors, evidence of participation by members of all stakeholders
4) Provide the names of Student participants
5) Products can be posters, papers, or physical products - published in journals, symposia proceedings, or presented at SE sponsored meetings
6) Photographs of activity, meeting rosters, or other evidence of participation (not just being signed up).
 This is to reflect the new work with student divisions. 
3) IUSE is an acronym for "INCOSE, University, Students, and Enterprise", the stakeholders in the 4-Way Benefit Model.  A IUSE Campaign is a formal social session where information sharing amongst the stakeholders take place. It is designed to provide all stockholders an opportunity to evaluate each other and to possible report on projects being sponsored by an enterprise.

For more information on Student Divisions, contact Dave Mason at

The non-U.S. Chapters (and some U.S. Chapters) have relationships with Academia, and work with students extensively, but since they are not technically Student Divisions, they have not been able to count this towards the Chapter Awards.  This category should be equitable to those Chapters.
Summary Allowed for Membership 2,000   
Section F - 3.5 Technical
Working Groups, Working Group Presentations, Certification support
F1Chapter hosts chapter meeting presentation from an INCOSE working group or initiative (min 40 minutes)100 pts. per Working Group Presentation

This is in addition to credit for a chapter event.
300To achieve full points the Chapter must identify the Working/Interest Group, and presenter. This is in addition to chapter events claimed in section C.  It is intended to encourage chapter - International Working Group collaboration, and greater visibility of local working groups
F2Chapter has "mini" presentation (approx. 10 minutes) about a Working Group at a Chapter event50 pts. for each working group "mini-presentation" at a chapter event (one per event)200To achieve full points, the chapter must  identify the Working Group topic of each "mini-presentation" Mini-presentations bring more value to the chapter meetings, and there are many working groups topics to draw from. 
F3Chapter members participate in a local technical group (Interest Group or Working Group) 200 points for participation in a local interest group or working group by at least 5 members of the Chapter. Interest Group or Working Group can be aligned with INCOSE WGs but need not be.600  To achieve full points the Chapter must provide active member names of the Working/Interest Group
Active means regular participation via one or more of the following:
a)  in-person at meetings
b)  via web/telecom meetings
c) discussion boards/forums/email
d) participation in producing/reviewing products of WG
F4Chapter promotes SE Certification through hosting a chapter meeting presentation focused on Certification, promoting INCOSE sponsored tutorials, sponsoring a Certification study group, having SEP mentors, and/or having a member of the leadership team focused on Certification.- 100 pts. for chapter meeting on Certification;
- 100 pts. for at least 3 promotions of INCOSE sponsored Certification tutorials;
- 100 pts. for sponsoring an active Certification study group;
- 100 pts. for having SEP mentors;
- 100 pts. for having a leadership team members focused on Certification
400To achieve full points the Chapter must provide evidence of the claimed activity with names and dates Certifications are an individual achievement. Promoting certification is a chapter activity. 
F5Chapter produces an INCOSE authorized and approved technical product with international benefit.

This is an unusual achievement and requires INCOSE Technical Board approval.
1000 pts. per product1000To achieve full points for a technical product:
1) The product must be developed by the Chapter, not an international Working Group,
2) The product must be approved by INCOSE Tech Ops as an INCOSE product,
3) Provide a copy of the approval (board meeting minutes, e-mail), and
4) Product is completed and accepted by the board.

To achieve partial points for working a multi-year technical product, items 1, 2, and 3 must be met.

NOTE: A technical product must be approved in accordance with INCOSE guidelines. See 

(Find a URL for the INCOSE Guidelines for Technical Products.)
 Note that the technical product must come from the Chapter organization, not members of a Chapter working through an International Working Group.

This is a rare achievement for a chapter. 
Summary Allowed for Technical 1,500   
Section G  3.6-Outreach  & Collaboration
To professional societies, schools, community, CAB, companies
Note: exclude efforts by members if not planned/directed by the Chapter, e.g. work done by Chapter members as part of employment cannot be redefined afterward as for the Chapter  
G1Participate in a joint meeting with another professional society (other than INCOSE) where systems engineering is explicitly explained and/or promoted100 pts. per society300To achieve full points for a joint event, the Chapter must provide an event flyer/announcement, joint meeting agenda, or Chapter newsletter where event is described. Joint Meetings should be advertized to both professional societies individually.  If possible, both societies should have their organization's logo on all announcements.
G2Chapter and CAB company, through their representatives, work actively together with a measurable outcome.200 pts. per CAB company
Support activities examples:
Provide speakers
Provide venue or financial
400To achieve full points the Chapter must provide documentation indicating interaction on plans and/or activities between the Chapter and CAB, with measurable results.  Intention is to stimulate local interaction between Chapters and CAB for mutual benefit.
G3Chapter successfully recruits a new local corporate sponsor of the local Chapter150 pts. each450To achieve full points the Chapter must provide a letter/e-mail from new sponsoring company  
G4Perform a systems engineering-related project (with resulting product/report) to assist a non-corporate community or civic organization.

Example - free consulting for philanthropy. Assisting university or college acceptable if product/report resulted.
1000 pts. per project1,000To achieve full points for a SE related community project the Chapter must provide:
1)  cost-free consulting services that explicitly use systems engineering principles to the benefit of the community at large, 
2) A brief abstract detailing the engineering activity performed and resulting product/report, and
3) A thank you letter from a representative of the benefiting entity. 
 This activity is intended to be essentially free consulting or a large event for a community organization.   "Community" is the local town, or a civic/non-profit organization, not the "engineering community". 
G5Host or be a significant participant in a systems engineering activity/presentation for pre-college/college individuals. For K-12, community colleges, trade schools. Can be broader than just Systems Engineering.
This includes significant involvement in events like robotics competitions up through college.
1) 250 pts. for hosting;
2) 125 pts. for significant participation for each event, meaning at least 2 members or 1% of membership, whichever is greater.
500To achieve full points for hosting a pre-college activity/ presentation the Chapter must provide:
1) Financial or services support,
2) A copy of the newsletter/flyer documenting the activity or event, and
3) An estimate of the total hours invested by Chapter members.  (Points may also be awarded for extensive participation in an event of 4 hours or more).

Examples that qualify for this category include high school career days, science fairs, ZOOM, Robotics competition, Future City and US First etc.  College level competitions such as robotics could qualify depending on type and extent of documented involvement.
 Maximum points increased  due to the broad value of such events and the effort that could be required.
G6Join and participate in local engineering associations or technical societies such as high school science clubs, robotics clubs, IEEE, Women in Engineering, etc. 200 pts. per club/association200To achieve full points, the Chapter must provide:
1) A description of the participation, and
2) The participation must be at the Chapter level not the individual (i.e. the Chapter joins a regional or national engineering council that represents multiple professional  organizations.)
 The list of examples has been expanded for clarification. 
G7Provide unpaid speaker to universities, career days, civic organizations, other technical societies, or non INCOSE sponsored conferences or seminars.
This must be specifically sponsored by the chapter, not by the speaker's employer. 
100 pts. per event300To achieve full points the Chapter must provide:
1) An unpaid speaker,
2) Documentation of the event through a letter from the organization or other documentation referencing Chapter support, and
3) A brief summary of the event including the names of members involved in each event.
 The objective is to provide an opportunity for the Chapter to promote Systems Engineering and INCOSE. 
G8Officer or representative of the Chapter makes an INCOSE presentation to a senior manager in previously un-represented (in local membership) organization.
This must be specifically sponsored by the chapter, not by the speaker's employer. 
100 pts. per organization300To achieve full points the Chapter must provide:
1) a copy of the presentation, and
2) and contact information for presenter(s) and audience
 The objective is to promote Systems Engineering, INCOSE, and/or advantages of membership in the Chapter.
Summary Allowed for Outreach 2,000   
Section H - 3.7 INCOSE Support
Support to other chapters, recruiting a CAB, financial contributions, attendance at IW & IS
Note: exclude efforts by members if not planned/directed by the Chapter, e.g. work done by Chapter members as part of their employment cannot be counted  
H1Work with another INCOSE Chapter on a joint event or provide assistance to another Chapter.100 pts. per chapter per event400To achieve full points the Chapter must provide:
1)  description of the type of event or collaboration,
2) the date of the event, and
3) the Chapters involved in the event. 
H2Provide unpaid speaker to other INCOSE Chapters. This must be specifically sponsored by the chapter, not by the speaker's employer. 100 pts. per event500To achieve full points the Chapter must provide:
1) description of the type of event,
2) the date of the event, and
3) the Chapters involved in the event.
H3Chapter successfully recruits a new International INCOSE Corporate Advisory Board member.

Note: this is not local corporate sponsors for just the chapter
250 pts. each new member500To achieve full points the Chapter must provide a letter/e-mail from INCOSE International confirming successful registration of the new CAB member.

Note: this may have to be requested by the Chapter.
H4Chapter members attend INCOSE International Symposium.100 pts. per Chapter Officer
50 pts. Per Chapter Member
500List of Chapter officer attendees Points increased to encourage and reward offficer participation at IS
H5Chapter Members attend INCOSE International Workshop.100 pts. per Chapter Officer
50 pts. Per Chapter Member
500List of Chapter officer attendees Points increased to encourage and reward officer participation at IW
H6Chapter donates to INCOSE Foundation, Scholarship Fund, and/or Engineers Week. 

Note: Individual member contributions can NOT be counted.
50 pts. per $100500To achieve full points the Chapter must provide a Chapter newsletter, e-mail or equivalent documentation that:
1) Acknowledges the donation , and
2) Acknowledges the amount of the donation, or a copy of the cancelled check.

Note: Donations to be included in this section include: National Engineers Week;  the INCOSE Foundation and INCOSE Scholarship Fund.
 Iincludes Scholarship Fund & Engineers Week
H7Chapter donations to another INCOSE Chapter.

Note: Individual member contributions  can NOT be counted.
50 per $100500To achieve full points the Chapter must provide a Chapter newsletter, e-mail or equivalent documentation that:
1) Acknowledges the donation, and
2) Acknowledges the amount of the donation, or a copy of the cancelled check.
 This is not to included pooled funds for joint activities but rather contributions primarily to help and encourage new or struggling Chapters. 
H8Submit nominee for individual INCOSE award (Founder, Fellow, Service).100 pts. per nomination300To achieve full points the Chapter must provide a copy of nomination letter that was forwarded to INCOSE International, or at least the name if the letter is confidential.   
Summary Allowed for INCOSE Support 1,500   
Section I - 3.8 Operations
Good practices for chapter operations
I1Provide biographical sketches of nominees for Chapter offices and provide  ballots to members 30 days prior to close of the election.50 pts.50To achieve full points the Chapter must provide a copy of ballot which includes biography of each candidate provided at time of election. The bio can be on a website if the link is included with the ballot.  
I2Chapter President or representative attends Chapters Committee meeting at International Workshop (IW).75 pts.75Name of representative Points increased to encourage and reward participation
I3Chapter President or representative attends Chapters Committee meeting at International Symposium (IS).75 pts.75Name of representative Points increase to encourage and reward participation
I4Conduct separate board meetings for Chapter leadership.100 pts. per meeting600To achieve full points the Chapter must provide copy of the Meeting agenda and  minutes or other evidence of the results of the meeting. Increased points for BOD meetings as these are key to effective Chapters.

To achieve points, provide a BoD agenda that covers topics for discussion.

It should be short and allow for topics other than awards to be discussed; don't bog down BoD meetings with processes just to earn points.

Document and track deadlines and assignees in the agenda/notes as a reminder when products are due.
I5Display or exhibit physical  Chapter banner at Chapter events that includes Chapter and INCOSE logos.50 pts. for having a physical banner and showing at one event;
10 pts. for showing at each additional event
100To achieve full points the Chapter must provide for canvas banner/ Chapter poster used, a picture or description. Display at every event does not have to be documented. 
I6Display or exhibit electronic, informational, projected Chapter banner at Chapter events that includes information about the chapter and events along with Chapter and INCOSE logos.100 pts. For  creating and showing at one event:
10 pts. for each additional event
200To achieve full points the Chapter must provide the file used for an electronic banner

An Electronic Banner is a slide show of INCOSE Logos, Promotional material, pictures of Chapter events etc. that plays silently during the lead up to the start of a meeting or event.
 Display at every event does not have to be documented.
Electronic banner (projected display loop) could include chapter info, INCOSE info, current event,  promotion of future events, recent SEPs, etc. 
I7Prepare annual awards packet and submit to Chapter Awards Committee (via upload to the Awards website) no later Sunday, January 6th, 2019.Once an Awards package is submitted, the Chapter starts with 300 points, then 1) Subtract 50 pts. for each day late the package is submitted,
2) Subtract up to 200 additional points for not following the submittal guidelines contained within the Chapter Awards Submission Primer available on the INCOSE Connect website.
300Submission confirmed by Chapter Awards Committee. Points may be adjusted by Awards Committee for clarity and if submitted late. Remainder of points awarded for understandable submittal which meets the format requirements.  This is to improve quality to provide incentive for improved submissions but limit impact.  Submission on time is important. Late submittals make it difficult for the evaluation team and indicate lack of planning. Incorrect submittals create additional work for the evaluation team.
I8Present certificates/letters/ tokens of appreciation to speakers.25 pts. per item presented300To achieve full points the Chapter must provide:
1) An example or photo or description of the certificate/letter/token, and 
2) List of recipients and topic presented.
I9Present formal awards to members for outstanding service or achievement100 pts. per award200To achieve full points the Chapter must provide:
1) An example or photo or description of the award
2) List of recipients and
3) Why they received the award
 Reworded for clarity and increased max points to allow for more than one award
I10Present certificates/letters/ tokens of appreciation to local supporting organizations. Must be a public acknowledgement.50 pts. per item presented250To achieve full points the Chapter must provide:
1) An example or photo or description of the certificate/letter/token, and  
2) List of recipients
I11Send public relations letters to employers recognizing new Chapter officers, recipients of INCOSE awards, appointments, or other accomplishments of Chapter members.50 pts. per letter300To achieve full points the Chapter must provide:
1) An example of the recognition letter, and
2) List of recipients.
Summary Allowed for Operations 1,500   
Section J  Subjective
Significant Chapter Activities, Events, Achievements not included above
J1Recognition of other noteworthy Chapter efforts not covered above.

Examples include but are not limited to:
1) National Engineers Week Teach-Ins - 100 pts. per event [Encouraged, but pts. will not exceed 500 including G5]
2) Additional Donations - 50 pts. per $100 [Encouraged, but pts. will not exceed 1000 pts. including H6 and H7]
3) Special Project - 100 - 1000 pts. [Depending on documented level of effort compared to other Chapter activities]
4) Student Award Program - 100 - 400 pts. depending on documented level of effort
5) Active Connect website and/or Wiki - 100-300 pts. depending on extent and use
6)Chapter sponsorship of a scholarship - 100 pts per active scholarship recipient
Discretionary To achieve full points the Chapter must provide:
1) Description of other noteworthy Chapter efforts with evidence sufficient for verification by an independent reviewer, and
2) Claimed points for each effort, considering comparable efforts above.

NOTE: Do not repeat effort listed in the categories above.
J2      ​


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