Outre​​​ach and Collaboration

Purpose: Outreach and Collaboration activities of the chapter are where the chapter interacts with entities outside of INCOSE to promote INCOSE and/or apply & apply systems engineering.
Description: There are many opportunities for outreach and collaboration. Participating in joint meeting with another professional society such as ASQ, PMI, IEEE, or AES can provide an opportunity to explain or promote systems engineering. Working in the non-corporate community, collaborating with such entities as a local government, university, or non-profit may bring systems engineering to bear in new areas. Working with students from K-college/trade schools is another way to develop interest in systems engineering with activities such as speaking during Engineering Week or sponsoring or participating in events such as Future City, science fairs, or robotics competitions. Outreach can also involve making a presentation about INCOSE to executives in a previously unrepresented organization.

​2018 Chapter M​​embers (Includes All Membership Types) of a total 10,090 (Inclusive of CAB and MOA Members)


June 2018 Count 

AFIS France 915
Alamo ​20
Atlanta  85
Australia  553
Beijing  112
Blues 24
​​Canada (Vancouver) ​83
Central Arizona 41
Central Florida 67
Central Savannah River 0
Central Virginia  58
Charleston (Lowcountry)  106
Chesapeake 320
Chicagoland 136
Cleveland N Ohio 52 
Colorado Front Range 219
Constitution - Inactive
Crossroads (IN IL) 76
Delaware Valley 82 
Denmark 69
Emerald Coast (Fl Panhandle) 14
Enchantment 123 
Finger Lakes 63 
Finland (FINSE) 7
​​GfSE (Germany) 549​​​
Great Plains (Kansas)  29
Hampton Roads  74
Heartland  23
Huntsville 149
India 125
Iran 0
Israel 9
Istanbul (Turkey) 22
Italy (Italia) 150
Liberty 49 
Los Angeles ​363 
Michigan 166 
Midwest Gateway 68 
Netherlands 472 
New England 154 
North Star 150 
North Texas 150
Orlando 78 
San Diego 160 
SF Bay Area​ (San Francisco) 144
​Seattle (Washington State) ​101
Silver State (Nevada)
Singapore 46
Snake River (Idaho) 25 
South Africa 578 
SOARizona​ (Southern Arizona) 62
Southern Maryland 44 
Space Coast 83 
​​Spain ​63
​Suisse​ (Switzerland) ​120
Sweden (Swedish) 156
Texas Gulf Coast 119 
Three Rivers (Pittsburgh PA) 30 
Tri-cities - Inactive
United Kingdom 641 
Washington (WMA) 835
Wright Brothers (Ohio) 50 


​There is direct outreach for:

  • membership
  • to leverage CAB/Corp relationships
  • reaching out to managers of SEs to influence recruitment, involvement and renewals
  • for college students, with or w/o student division [SE and future members]
  • volunteer opportunities such as community, STEM and college students (e.g. robotic competitions) [Service and teaching SE principles]​

​Purpose: Outreach targeting entities outside of INCOSE. INCOSE support focuses on various ways chapters can support the parent INCOSE organization and other chapters.

Description: At the inter-chapter level, chapters can work with one or more other INCOSE chapters on a joint event or to provide assistance to another chapter, such as when a new chapter is being formed. There are often members with unique expertise in a chapter who could speak to another chapter, whether in person or via a web meeting.

In support of the parent INCOSE organization, members can prepare articles published in INCOSE Insight. Attendance at the annual International Workshop and Symposium benefits the members, chapter and international organization.

Another form of support is to make chapter or individual financial contributions to another chapter or to INCOSE international.


​To get an idea of what an International Workshop and International Symposium are like to share with your chapter, you can see information about the venue, schedule and programs by going to www.incose.org and the News & Events drop-down menu to International Workshop and International Symposium which will show you information about upcoming meetings.


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