Recruitment Activities

".... I don’t often go to chapter meetings but when I did I noticed a woman sitting by herself so I went and sat next to her.  We talked and then I   finally realized she was the speaker.  She was coming in to the meeting to speak,  knowing no one in the meeting (nor did anyone know her) but no one was sitting with her or talking to her.  The board members had welcomed her but was really busy arranging things for the meeting which is how I happened to walk in and see her by herself.  Long story - but the bottom line is it makes sense to integrate guest speakers into the room so they can be part of the networking chatter and also who knows - they might decide to join INCOSE if they have a good experience because it’s likely their topic is related to systems engineering . "[Observation submitted by an INCOSE Member]


Recruitment Activities and Resources

Recruitment is essential to expanding the influence of INCOSE and Systems Engineering. New members not only gain new useful knowledge in INCOSE useful to themselves and their companies, but they create interest by others.
Chapters have adopted various approaches to recruiting, but having a recruiting package or folder is very helpful. INCOSE Central Office can provide free materials about INCOSE while each chapter needs to create chapter specific material. Combined these form an effective package to have for guests at chapter activities or events the chapter may help sponsor. Examples of materials to recruit members: 


​​​Recruitment and Retention​​ Plans

A Chapter’s growth requires engaging the existing members' active support and participation. To accomplish this, the BOD routinely surveys the membership needs and adjusts its programs based on informed judgment. Closely associated with this effort is the continued need for effective communications and outreach within and external to the Chapter. This includes the important priority of advance advertising of chapter activities and maintaining an online web site that is current and responsive to member’s needs. A second objective of a chapter is to promote awareness and visibility of the Systems Engineering Discipline in the engineering community (locally, nationally, and internationally). A membership plan can be developed as a stand-alone plan or combined with the chaapter operating plan. ​​​​
Examples of membership retention and recruitment plans:​


Retention Renewal

​New Member Welcome Emails

New members receive a welcome from the INCOSE president and an email from the chapter they selected (or generic if they don't identify a chapter). They are then sent a series of welcome emails with specifics about various aspects of INCOSE. These start immediaitely upon joining and continue throughout their first year. Topics include topics such as: Ways to get involved, Chapters, Working groups, Resources, Certification, Events, and Volunteering. These welome emails are periodically updated. The zip file below will allow opening the emails in your email program to see them as a new member would. 

Member Retention-Renewal

INCOSE automatically sends out a renewal notice and reminder. Some chapters also try to remind members to renew. 
Analysis indicated that our retention suffers in the first two years of membership. Overall retention could be improved in many chapters.

You can view your chapter roster which shows those who haven't renewed and contact them by phone or email as a reminder and if they chose not to renew, try and determine the primary reason why not to help plan retention efforts. An active membership renewal effort can enhance the retention of members.

A phone survey of members who hadn't renewed to encourage and gather iinformation​.

A survey of non-renewing members seeking info about their decision. Done with SurveyMonkey​


Member Survey for Planning, and Analysis

Member Survey to Guide Chapter Planning

Surveying chapter members is a good way to gather the "Voice of the Customer". The survey can help set Chapter direction and understand member desires.The surveys can be done via mail out, phone, or the web. The web surveys are recommended for particularly larger chapters. There are various survey tools available; Survey Monkey is one example used by several chapters. Usually 2-4 reminder emails are required to get a good response. 30% is considered to be a good, and 50% excellent. 

Once results are in, some analysis is required to determine what the messages are, which can then be used by the Chapter Officers in planning for the future.

Note: These surveys are different from surveys to evaluate a Chapter event or to determine why someone didn't renew membership. 
Example Survey:
A web survey addressing feedback about chapter, soliciting suggestions, member wants, and basic demographics.​

Example Analysis:
A basic survey summary/analysis​

A more extensive survey analysis​


​New Member Intro via publication

New Member Introduction via Publication

Current members want to know about new members, and usually new members don't mind being introduced. Publish new member name a brief introductory information such as areas of SE interest, hobbies, or company of each new member (subject to the new member's preference) in the Chapter newsletter and/or on the chapter website. At the same time, consider providing member updates such as degrees SE Certification, or job change.
Clips from Orlando Newsletters showing new member bios and also updates on current members​

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