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Student Division of an INCOSE Chapter

A ‘Student Division’ is an ‘engineering club’ at the respective college or university under the combined governance of the university and INCOSE.

The INCOSE Student Division is an element of the INCOSE Academic Matters. The objective of the INCOSE Student Division is to incentivize students to join INCOSE as student members and enjoy the benefits available. These benefits include networking with professional engineers, publishing student research, attending conferences, and incorporating existing practices into their education. Students may join INCOSE as individual student members or create a student division (an engineering club) at the local university with sponsorship from local INCOSE chapter. The prerequisite for student membership is a registered student carrying 3/4 of the recommended academic load. Although students are encouraged to establish, and maintain, a student division at the university, it is not a prerequisite. The value proposition to establish a student division is the sponsorship with the local chapter where practicing professionals can provide mentoring, networking, and encouragement on the application of Systems Engineering/Systems Thinking to an assortment of engineering disciplines and application domains.

Attached is the link to the INCOSE student division website.http://www.incose.org/ChaptersGroups/Students

Below is a guide to what is involved in setting up a Student Division and a chapter template. For more information, contact David Mason at david.mason@incose.org.




Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Opportunities


Volunteer Opportunities for Community Science Fairs (Elementary, Middle and High Schools)

Establishing partnerships with Engineering Clubs and Professional Societies

Teaching Opportunities for Systems Engineering Principles


​Free Meals at Monthly Chapter Meetings and Lectures for Students



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