Systems Science Working Group

Promote the advancement and understanding of Systems Science, Systems Theories and their application to SE. 

We have the following objectives:
  • Encourage advancement of Systems Science principles and concepts as they apply to Systems Engineering.
  • Promote awareness of Systems Science as a foundation for Systems Engineering.
  • Highlight linkages between Systems Science theories and empirical practices of Systems Engineering.
Systems science provides a rigorous, underlying basis to the empirically derived practices to systems engineering that have evolved over time.
Chair:  Javier Calvo-Amodio, Oregon State University
Co-Chair:  James Martin, The Aerospace Corporation
Swami Natarajan, Tata Consulting

Contact SSWG for additional information or to participate in our discussions. You can join from our discussion group page at

Full Version of the Working Group’s Charter

Since the working group has a collaborative working agreement with the International Society of Systems Sciences (ISSS) many of our participants are not INCOSE members. Therefore we maintain a presence on our wiki site at 

We also have a google discussion group at 

You can join this WG by going to our discussion group page and registering yourself as a member.

Working Group Products

The working group has a number of on-going projects, each of which has been producing useful information. These products can be found on the project page for each at our WG wiki site
  • Basic Structural Modeling
  • Better SE for INCOSE
  • SEBOK & Sys Sci BOK
  • Service Science
  • Sys Sci Education & Training
  • Systems of Innovation
  • Systems Philosophy for SE (NEW)
  • Systems Processes & Pathologies
  • System Top Level Categories
  • Unified Ontology of Science Systems
  • Working Paper on SS/SE Synergies

Planned Working Sessions at the Next Events

International Workshop

Planned Presentations at the Next Events

International Symposium

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