Competency Working Group

The purpose of the Competency Working Group (CWG) is to establish resources, measures, and guidance to continuously improve the knowledge and skills of practicing systems engineers. The CWG also serves as a forum for continued dialogue on systems engineering competence and competency development.

The goal of the Competency Working Group is to develop, publish, and sustain an INCOSE Systems Engineering Competency Framework (ISECF) and associated INCOSE Systems Engineering Competency Assessment Guide (ISECAG). These products are globally accepted and tailorable to the needs of the organization or individual. The CWG further established that the ISECF should address the soft skills needed by Systems Engineers, and delineate how Systems Engineering relates to Project Management as well as other disciplines such as Quality and Finance. The ISECF and ISECAG are intended for use in hiring, assessing, training, and advancing practicing Systems Engineers; and may be used for other purposes as deemed appropriate by the consumer.

INCOSE Systems Engineering Competency Framework recognized as the 2018 Product of the Year

The Competency Working Group was recognized during the Opening Plenary of the 2019 International Workshop, receiving the award for the 2018 Product of the Year. Congratulations to the group, and particular thanks to all those who contributed to its development and acceptance as an INCOSE product. You can download the ISECF  from the INCOSE Store at


ChairDr. Clifford Whitcomb, Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) 
Co-ChairLori Zipes, US Navy NAVSEA

Working Group Products

INCOSE Systems Engineering Competency Framework                    2018

INCOSE Systems Engineering Competency Assessment Guide      draft submitted to Wiley 

Competency Working Group to Meet during IW 2022

The INCOSE Competency Working Group will meet on Tuesday during the 2022 INCOSE International Workshop.  The Tuesday sessions will provide a status on the publication of the Assessment Guide by Wiley, followed by a discussion and prioritization of future tasks and activities in support of the published products. 

If you are participating in the Workshop, we hope you will consider joining us.

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