Critical Infrastructure Protection and Recovery

The purpose for the Critical Infrastructure Protection and Recovery (CIPR) Working Group (WG) is to provide a forum for the application, development and dissemination of systems engineering principles, practices and solutions relating to critical infrastructure protection and recovery against manmade and natural events causing physical infrastructure system disruption for periods of a month or more.

Critical infrastructures provide essential services underpinning modern societies. These infrastructures are networks forming a tightly coupled complex system cutting across multiple domains. They affect one another even if not physically connected. They are vulnerable to manmade and natural events that can cause disruption for extended periods, resulting in societal disruptions and loss of life.

The inability of critical infrastructures to withstand and recover from catastrophic events is a well-documented global issue. This is a complex systems problem needing immediate coordinated attention across traditional domain and governmental boundaries.  For example, the US President issued Presidential Policy Directive PPD-21 that addresses “a national unity of effort to strengthen and maintain secure, functioning, and resilient critical infrastructure.” This includes an imperative to “implement an integration and analysis function to inform planning and operations decisions regarding critical infrastructure.” This working group will seek to support this and other policies with international reach.

INCOSE, as the premier professional society for systems engineering, can provide significant contributions toward critical infrastructure protection and recovery.

IW'16 CIPR Overview-Jan'16




WG Lead Chair:
Daniel Eisenberg

Be the primary POC for all WG activities, communications and actions. This role includes relationships both internal and external to INCOSE. Responsible for annual budget and other financial activities. Responsible for operating process development and approval.

John Juhasz

Convene monthly member meetings, develop communications, programs, planning and arrangements for workshops, conferences, symposiums and special public meetings, and act as WG Lead when appropriate.

Anthony Adebonojo

Ensure that facilities and other resources are available for special meetings, manage material and knowledge collection and distribution, maintain a list of technical projects and products, monitor progress on technical tasks, maintain the WG Connect site and external site.

Working Group Products

CIPR is a new group, chartered in June 2015. We are currently working on several products. Some of these will be INCOSE specific and others are the results of collaboration with external organizations such as InfraGard and the International Society for Automation. Products include:

1) INSIGHT edition, December 2016
2) Triple Threat Book - An InfraGard Product
3) INSIGHT Article, July 2016
4) Powering Through: from Fragile Infrastructures to Community Resilience - An InfraGard Product
5) Multiple Briefings
6)IW2017 Presentations
7)IW2018 Presentations

 Note: The InfraGard products are available through by searching for "high impact threats
The CIPR working group has a full agenda for the 2017 International Workshop in Torrance, CA. See the Excel file.
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