Resilient Systems Working Group

The RSWG promotes understanding of resilience in engineered systems and provides clear descriptions these principles in INCOSE publications.

The primary objective of the RSWG is to develop, promote, and advance Systems Engineering for resilient systems.


RSWG Definition of Resilience:

• Resilience is the ability to deliver required capability when facing adversity.

• The scope of resilience includes the ability to avoid, withstand, and recover from adversity (the objective is required capability, not system stasis)

• RSWG considers all engineered systems: including cyber/physical, organizational and conceptual.


Co-Chairman – Kenneth L. Cureton

Co-Chairman -- John S. Brtis,  CSEP, PE, PMP

Working Group Products

Working Group Major Activities

  • Regular (typically weekly) virtual telecons, one “TED-like Talk” each month with an Invited Speaker
  • Yearly IW & IS meetings
  • Periodic Insight Issues
  • SE Handbook content on resilience
  • SEBoK content on resilience and Loss Driven Systems Engineering (LDSE)
  • Resilience Primer
  • Creation and peer review of Papers and Dissertations
  • Liaison with standards organizations, e.g. IEEE, AIAA, ISO Resilience Standards

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