Space Systems Working Group


The purpose of the Space Systems Working Group (SSWG) is to expand the body of knowledge of systems engineering as it is applied to space systems. Specifically, the purpose of the SSWG is to:
  • Promote the use of systems engineering principles, techniques, and practices in government, academic, and private industry organizations which are identified with space applications
  • Provide a forum in the professional networking of INCOSE that is pertinent to professionals in the space systems community
  • Support the INCOSE Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Initiative by developing an MBSE Systems Modeling Language (SysML) Reference Model of a CubeSat

CubeSat System Reference Model
Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is a key practice to advance the systems engineering discipline.
INCOSE established the MBSE Initiative to promote, advance, and institutionalize the practice of MBSE. As part of this effort, the INCOSE Space Systems Working Group (SSWG) Challenge Team has been investigating the applicability of MBSE for designing CubeSats since 2011. The goal of the team is to provide a sufficiently complete CubeSat System Reference Model that can be adapted to any CubeSat project.


Co-chair      David Kaslow

Co-chair      Alejandro Levi


INCOSE IW - Torrance, California

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Telecons on most Fridays at 1pm U.S. east coast time

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Saturday Jan 29th 13:00 – 14:30

SSWG Outreach – CubeSat System Reference Model (CSRM)

Object Management Group (OMG) Technical Meeting

March 21-25, Reston, Virginia

The INOSE Space Systems Working group and the Object Management Group (OMG) Space Domain Task Force have developed a CubeSat System Reference Model (CSRM).

The CSRM, a logical architecture, is intended a starting point for development of the physical architecture of the space and ground segments of a CubeSat mission. It is based on MBSE principles, is SysML compliant, and hosted in a graphical modeling tool.

The CSRM has been submitted to OMG, an international technical standards consortium, for adoption as a specification.

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