New Mexico & El Paso, TX

Monthly Chapter meetings are the 2nd Wednesday, 4:45-6:00 pm (usually, see Events), in Albuquerque at ATA (map), and at:
Tel Access: 1-866-546-3377 (Toll Free)
Passcode: 529 771 4673

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University of Texas, El Paso

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 Now that's Enchanted!

World’s best holiday destinations: #1 Prague, #2 Vienna, #3 Taos (U.S. News & World Report)


Connect to Your
Community of Practice

Mix with people who have the same professional interests as you do, but with a  diversity of perspective beyond daily workmates. It comes in handy when you need help or answers to questions outside your accumulated experience, need a connection at another organization, or simply want some mind stretching thought.

Meeting announcements, event notices, and GlobalMeet links routinely go to all INCOSE members within the Chapter’s geographic territory; as well as to names on a special information list open to one and all. Sign up for the information list with an email request to enchant-inquiry.

Collaborating Chapters - see web sites for Chapter talks:

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