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The North Texas Chapter of INCOSE (International Council of System Engineering) is centered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of north Texas and is open to those interested or practicing systems engineering.  


Promote, educate, and mentor on Systems Engineering standards and practices to strengthen the North Texas Systems Engineering industry.


Serve as a professional organization that is the regional focal point for Systems Engineering resources, development, and awareness.


July 31, 2017: NSC Meet and Greet with Chris Unger from the Healthcare Working Group

by Admin25 Chapter | Aug 23, 2017

Chris was a Guest Speaker at the Medtronic System Engineering Symposium: Engineering Systems of Systems.   While he was in the Twin Cities, we organized a Meet-and-Greet inviting Systems Engineers who work in the Medical Device industry. 

Chris sends his remarks to those in attendance and we thought some of the conversation should be shared.

Thanks to everyone who could make it to the Meet-and-Greet on the evening of August 31st.  I learned a lot, and I appreciated the conversation.


But for now, I think I got Kousha, Anthony, John, and Brian to consider volunteering to help the HWG set priorities; participate in a “User Advisor Board”, to be confirmed once we firm up the expectations and operations.


The discussion also confirmed that the potential topic list is for the 4th Annual INCOSE Conference Systems Engineering in Healthcare is interesting.  Chris will go through the feedback to see if some might be trimmed and the UAB can help define the next level down: what aspects would be especially interesting to see in the conference.


People also mentioned that they were not aware of the Healthcare domain SEBoK extension.  The top 2 articles are at:


There are three more articles at lower level (healthcare delivery, lean in 


healthcare, and systems biology).  There are a few more ‘planned’, but we don’t have the right authors lined up.  I’m very happy to consider more detailed articles sponsored by the Healthcare WG, but they wouldn’t be ‘validated’ by the SEBoK editorial board till other application domains catch up to us.


Thanks again!


Chris Unger

GE Healthcare Chief Systems Engineer