Future Events

logo-IW2017INCOSE IW 2017

  • Outreach session
    • Monday, 30 Jan, 13:30 - 18:00
    • This will be a two part meeting. The first part from 1:30-3pm will address our accomplishments over the past year which mostly consists of EWLSE events held, our plans for 2017, and a series of open discussions and feedback from the membership. After the 3-3:30 break we will meet again to partake in an engaging, fun exercise with the goal of developing breakthrough ideas for increasing participation of women in engineering and identifying those game changers that will change the world's idea of who is and is not an engineer.

logo-IS2017INCOSE IS 2017

  • To be confirmed

logo-IWPast Events


  • EWLSE Planning meeting
  • EWLSE Outreach session

logo-IS2016INCOSE IS 2016

  • EWLSE Workshop 
    • Keynote
    • Plenary
    • INCOSE Leadership Panel 
  • EWLSE Panel