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This basic introduction to Systems Engineering measures for use by Project Managers is not a comprehensive treatise on creating and implementing a measurement program. Rather, it is an informative guide to assist the PM in determining which measures can best enable the success of the project. If you’re looking for straightforward information and measurement techniques, this is the guide for you.

For the project manager, meeting cost and schedule target measures – while crucial to assessing the performance of this system that produces the product or service – are not all that should be considered to ensure the project achieves the technical objectives and is on the path for success.

Analysis, status reporting, and assessment of the project’s systems engineering measures can complement cost and schedule control, and can help meet programmatic targets. By tracking these SE measures the project manager gains visibility into whether the delivered system will meet its requirements and satisfy the customer’s needs and expectations. The project manager or systems engineer needs to decide which measures are worth addressing or tracking, what tailoring is needed, and how to act upon the results of the measurements. This guide provides explanations and examples of some of the systems engineering data, and how it can be collected, measured, tailored and controlled towards ensuring project success.

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