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The International Council on Systems Engineering proudly offers its free weekly and monthly web-based service to the greater Systems Engineering community.

Once a week, the INCOSE Technical Operations Training Working Group presents the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook V4.0 Tutorial series over a six month period beginning in October.

Once a month, INCOSE Technical Operations presents recognized experts in the field who discuss the "State of the Art" in Systems Engineering.

These presentations occur live, via the internet. Each lasts one hour, and includes the opportunity for attendees to submit questions to the presenter. We record the webinars and INCOSE members can access these recordings from the Member's Only pages of INCOSE Connect.

Please access the INCOSE Connect Library for a complete library of TutorialsWebinars and Recordings sponsored by INCOSE Tech Ops, Chapters and Working Groups including the Training Tutorial Webinars.

Webinars Qualify for PDUs

INCOSE Certified Systems Engineering Professionals can claim 1PDU credit towards their re-certification by attending a webinar or watching a webinar recording. To qualify, a CSEP must have attended through at least 75% of the webinar for webinars that last less than one hour, or through 45 minutes of the webinar for webinars that last for 1 hour or longer. Attendees of INCOSE webinars who have other professional certifications or licenses may find that these webinars can apply to the PDU requirements for re-certification or license renewal.

All times listed are UTC. Please convert the time to your own timezone to determine when it will be presented in your local time. Please be careful to account for daylight savings time.

Upcoming Webinars

Additional webinars will be announced on the home page INCOSE News and Events as soon as they are confirmed.  We are always looking for new topics. If your company would like to sponsor a webinar, if you have an idea for a webinar or would like to present one, please send an e-mail with your suggestion to the webinar coordination team.


Previous Webinars (2009 - Present)

Webinar 15:00 UTC:"An Introduction to INCOSE"

  • Date:
    Aug 20, 2014 03:00 PM
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INCOSE Webinar: "An Introduction to INCOSE"
Date:  20 August 2014
Time: 15:00 UTC/ 11am EDT
Presenter(s): David Long
General Webinar Details: Webinar 66

Founded in 1990, the International Council on Systems Engineering remains committed to “sharing, promoting, and advancing the best of systems engineering from across the globe for the benefit of humanity and the planet.” Though our mission remains largely unchanged from our earliest days, INCOSE continues to evolve to better meet the needs of our members and community as we seek to address the systems challenges of today and tomorrow.
In this fast-paced talk suitable for both INCOSE members and systems practitioners, we will introduce INCOSE as it stands today – our fundamental purpose, how we execute, and the value we deliver. We will highlight challenges that we face in our profession and our organization, and we will share a glimpse of our key objectives as INCOSE approaches its 25th birthday. As we lay out the fundamental picture of who INCOSE is today and what we seek to accomplish both in the near-term and the long, we know we can’t answer every question about INCOSE so we will conclude with a lively Q&A session.
A committed member of the worldwide systems community, David Long is the 2014/2015 President of INCOSE. David has served INCOSE since 1997 including a term as the Washington Metropolitan Area chapter president and international roles including Member Board Chair, Director for Communications, and Director for Strategy. He is a frequent presenter at industry events worldwide delivering keynotes and tutorials spanning introductory systems engineering, the advanced application of model-based systems engineering (MBSE), and the future of systems engineering. In 2006, David received the prestigious INCOSE Founders Award in recognition of his many contributions to the organization.
For over twenty years, David has focused on enabling, applying, and advancing MBSE to help transform the state of the systems engineering practice. David is the founder and president of Vitech Corporation where he developed and commercialized CORE®, a leading systems engineering software environment used around the world. Throughout his career, David has played a key technical and management role in refining and extending systems engineering to expand the analysis and communication toolkit available to systems practitioners. His experiences and efforts led him to co-author the book A Primer for Model-Based Systems Engineering to help spread the fundamental concepts of this key approach to modern challenges. He continues to lead the Vitech team as they deliver innovative, industry-leading solutions to help organizations develop and deploy next-generation systems.
David holds a bachelor's degree in Engineering Science and Mechanics, as well as a master's degree in Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech
INCOSE Webinar 66 – An Introduction to INCOSE
Presenter: David Long, INCOSE President
Wednesday 20 August 2014, 11:00am EDT
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