Browsing the Content Catalog

You can use your results from the PDP Competency Self-Assessment to browse the learning resources in the PDP Content Catalog.  Additionally, (1) If you are working on your certification, you can browse the learning resources for material related to SEP Experience Areas; (2) If you have questions related to various SE Domains, you can browse for learning resources on SE Domains in the PDP Catalog; and (3) Finally, if you have questions about ISO 15288 processes in the SE Handbook, you can browse for process-related learning resources, too.  A high-level overview on how to browse the PDP Content Catalog is provided in the Browsing the PDP Content Catalog Overview Video.  For detailed instructions, click the Browsing the Content Catalog Detailed Instructions link.  For answers for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), click the Browsing the Content Catalog FAQs link. 

At the top of the PDP Browsing webpage, there are filters available for competency groups, competency topics, proficiency levels, SE domains, ISO 15288 SE Processes in the SE Handbook, and SEP experience areas.  For a short description for each of the filter areas, click the question mark to the right of the title and a pop-up box / document will open.

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