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A better world through a systems approach

INCOSE Systems Exchange Café - Fir Tree Café 

Please join our LinkedIn group "INCOSE Systems Exchange Cafe - Fir Tree" ( to support our continuing conversations and updates. 

Join us March 22: Stories about risk management of safety requirements (lead by Andrew McRae).

Our upcoming topics include:

April 5: What Requirement tool(s) do you have or have used & why
If you have experience with requirement tools please share your experience, if you have questions about requirement tools, please ask.

April 19: How mature are your SyE processes organizationally and per project?
How mature do they need to be? How do you manage the standards?

May 3: The Value of ChatGPT as a tool for Systems Engineering

May 17: How to show value of using MBSE to your stakeholders.
We know there are upfront costs to MBSE. How have you (or might you) assuage your stakeholders' concerns?

May 31: Wrap-Up and Planning
Help us plan Season 2

As always, bring your own topics or questions and we can make time for them or place them on a future  schedule.

To attend all you need to do is register for the Fir Tree café