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A better world through a systems approach

INCOSE Systems Exchange Café - Fir Tree Café 

The next Fir Tree Café is on Wednesday November 18th 9am Japan, 11am Australia (Sydney),
which is Tuesday November 17th 4pm US Pacific , 7pm US East) click here to register

At the last Fir Café meeting we talked about the changing time impact of "Daylight Savings Time". Note that the meeting remains at the same times in the USA, and countries where the clock changed, but has moved for some participants.

We also talked about methodology, systems modeling, modeling tools and languages and more, and some participants shared their thoughts and writings on the subject. Quite a diverse conversation!

Join us this time for your favorite topics!

Bring your experiences and thoughts!
It is hoped this will be an interesting discussion, and hopefully also relevant to those not members of INCOSE but curious about Systems and Engineering. 

The topics for future meetings will be defined by the attendees at the café, so please bring your suggestions and requests. 

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