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A better world through a systems approach

INCOSE Systems Exchange Café - Fir Tree Café 

The next Fir Tree Café is on Wednesday September 23rd 8am Japan, 9am Australia,
which is Tuesday September 22nd 4pm US Pacific , 7pm US East) click here to register
At the last Fir Café meeting we talked about MBSE (Model Based Systems Engineering) methodologies. 

This time, let's look at our future:

“What will successful professional societies look like in the future?”

The global COVID-19 pandemic is likely to change our world forever – increased use of virtual engagement, reduced travel for business and leisure, and as a result fewer opportunities to meet in-person. Professional societies like INCOSE are a combination of purposeful activity and social society – indeed many people speak of the “INCOSE family”. INCOSE is, of course, not just one thing – there are many constituent parts including global/central INCOSE, Sectors, Chapters both local and national, Corporate Advisory Board, and the technical operations organization.

We will deliberate on:

·       Will what we personally value from INCOSE diminish if restrictions on meeting in person continue?

·       Is there new and different value we can gain as a result of the swing towards virtual activity?

·       Might there be longer term effects on the value proposition for INCOSE membership that we haven’t noticed yet?

Bring your experiences and thoughts!
It is hoped this will be an interesting discussion, and hopefully also relevant to those not members of INCOSE but curious about Systems and Engineering. 

The topics for future meetings will be defined by the attendees at the café, so please bring your suggestions and requests. 

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