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INCOSE Systems Exchange Café - Maple Tree Café

The next Maple Café is on Friday 17th July at 8am US Pacific,
11am US East, 4pm UK, 5pm Europe) click here to register
INCOSE Maple SE Cafe

At the next Maple Tree Café meeting on 17 July 2020 we are going to explore the issues raised around Artificial Intelligence (and more generally around autonomy). Potential aspects to explore could include the ethics, the trust in (how do we explain the autonomy / AI outcomes), and how can we verify and validate systems of this type.

Suggested preparatory materials:
1) The EASA Artificial Intelligence Roadmap 1.0 looking at the safety and ethical dimensions of development of AI in the aviation domain  
2) Report from DTIC - Systems Engineering and Autonomy: Opportunities and Challenge   There is a video of the Keynote presentation at INCOSE IS July 2017 by the author of 2), Paul Nielsen, on “Systems Engineering and Autonomy: Opportunities and Challenges” at

The discussion will be open, and so we may move away from this topic if that is the way the conversation goes. 

It is hoped this will be a useful ongoing discussion, and also relevant to those not members of INCOSE but curious about Systems and Engineering. 

The topics for future meetings will be defined by the attendees at the café, so please bring your suggestions and requests. 

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