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INCOSE Systems Exchange Café - Oak Tree Café


The next Oak Café discussion will be on Wednesday the 7th June at 0800 BST. All are welcome

The subject will be a discussion about how to adjust Systems Engineering practice when applying it in a small or medium enterprise

ISO15288 gives a large range of processes to apply (and does say it can be tailored), but not process (or guidance) to tailor it. There is ISo 29100 ("Systems and Software Engineering — Lifecycle Profiles for Very Small Entities)

What experience do you have tailoring SE?
Is it just the size of the organisation that dictates the need for tailoring?
How do you determine what is important / relevant / added value in any given situation?

Please come along and share your experience and opinions

If you are an INCOSE member, please preview the discussion material in more depth and contribute to the discussion (before or after the meeting) on the SME Topic Yammer post

 We look forward to your attendance and contribution to a hopefully lively discussion

Longer term calendar of Oak Café meetings [all at 8.00am UK time)

All at 0800Uk time - not the change to British Summer Time from 26th March 2023

Wed 21 June             SE Technical Leadership and Future Trends (as per Vision 2035) - from the current TLI cohort, and discussion of forward agenda for next season.

We already have suggestion to discuss "Why are there so few outstanding Systems Engineers?" (or more generally the role and nature of a Systems Engineer) and to have a conversation about Complexity

Early September       The new "season" will start with a new agenda for the rest of 2023

For discussion on the agenda, and for suggestions in advance of points to make or other topics you'd like to see discussed INCOSE members can continue the conversation on Yammer - see INCOSE Oak Cafe yammer

Looking forward to the discussions.

If you haven't got the Zoom meetings and link in your calendar already, please click on link below to register.  The café is open to all (including non-INCOSE members).  Looking forward to talking with you. 

 Register for Oak Tree Café

Previous Oak Tree Café discussion (from 2023) - with links to INCOSE Yammer posts to continue the conversation

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