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A better world through a systems approach
The INCOSE Foundation is a charitable organization with the stated goal of advancing the development and image of systems engineering through funded scholarships, research, and international forums. The Foundation received its 501(c) (3) exempt status from the IRS on 30 September 2005.  This enables all U.S. donors to claim a charitable deduction on their annual income tax submissions.  The Foundation is exploring ways in which non-U.S. contributions can be solicited in ways that benefit individual donors.

The Foundation is a separate legal entity from INCOSE but both organizations are closely aligned in philosophy, strategic directions, and values.  The Foundation has its own separate Board of Directors, several of whom are also elected INCOSE Board members.

Board Officers

John Ross Snoderly
Board Chair
John Ross Snoderly, PhD

President INCOSE 2002-2004
Defense Acquisition University
Learning Capabilities Integration Center
Bill Ewald
Chief Executive Officer Emeritus
William Ewald, PhD

Pat Hale
Pat Hale
President INCOSE 2008-2009
Jim Armstrong
Jim Armstrong

Industry Professor
Stevens Institute of Technology
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INCOSE Foundation Annual Report 2014PDF8.75 MB19 Jul, 2015 Download
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Stevens Doctoral Award ApplicationDOC26.00 KB02 Dec, 2014 Download
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