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INCOSE Systems Exchange Café - Oak Tree Café


Our next INCOSE Systems Exchange Café Oak Tree on the 6th December at 0800 GMT.  

The subject for discussion at this meeting will be Requirements.  Specifically exploring the reasons why requirements can't / aren't written well.  The session will be introduced and moderated by Dr Kasser - a regular attendee at the Oak Café

For more than 30 years system and software acquisitions have been plagued by the perennial problem of poor requirements. In general, the plethora of training and education opportunities have not produced good requirements and prevented poor requirements being perceived as the perpetrator of pecuniary and schedule overruns and outright project failures.

Twenty-five years of research has shown that the problem permeates the system acquisition process and the plethora of training and education opportunities not only do not alleviate the production of poor requirements, instead they perpetuate the problem! Dr Kasser’s research has identified five major causes, namely the top five reasons why you can’t write good requirements. Dr Kasser will introduce and discuss his top five reasons, then moderate a discussion about them and any other causes participants may suggest.

Please come along and discuss - share your thoughts why doing requirements so difficult, or chare you experiences of success.
If you can (or want to contribute, but cannot make the session please post / comment on the VIva Exchange (was Yammer) INCOSE thread  Requirements Difficulty thread
Future events are described below

Finally - if anyone would like to take over as "coordinator" of the Oak Café (in 2024) please contact to discuss - a new coordinator needed by the end of January

 We look forward to your attendance and contribution to our discussions

Longer term calendar of Oak Café topics (all meeting at 8.00am UK time)

All at 0800 UK time - note the change to Greenwich Mean Time of 29th October

Wed 6th December 2023 Topic - Problems with Requirements - why is it still so difficult 
Wed 20th December 2023 Topic tbd
Wed 3rd January 2024 Topic - Systems thinking - challenges to its uptake 
Wed 14th February 2024 Topic - tbd  

For discussion on the agenda, and for suggestions in advance of points to make or other topics you'd like to see discussed INCOSE members can continue the conversation on Yammer - see Oak Café Yammer discussion of future topics

Looking forward to the discussions.

If you haven't got the Zoom meetings and link in your calendar already, please click on link below to register.  The café is open to all (including non-INCOSE members).  Looking forward to talking with you. 

 Register for Oak Tree Café

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