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A better world through a systems approach

Webinar ShowcaseINCOSE-virtual1
- part of INCOSE’s Virtual Community Offerings

INCOSE-Webinar-ShowcaseAs a part of the INCOSE Virtual Community offerings we are showcasing select webinars on a range of Systems Engineering topics.

For the INCOSE Webinar Showcase we have selected several webinars for your viewing and then discussion with fellow Systems Engineers and Thinkers.

Next Webinar Showcase - Eric Honour and Systems Engineering Return on Investment

One of the most common questions Systems Engineers receive: How do you justify the effort spent on Systems Engineering? What is the Return on Investment? In this webinar on the INCOSE YouTube channel, Eric Honour explores Return on Investment of Systems Engineering. 

He shares results from a decade of research into the quantified value of Systems Engineering. Based on data gathered from 51 programs, the analysis shows the statistically proven relationship between systems engineering and project success related to cost, technical, and the schedule. 
Additional Findings:
Nearly all Systems Engineering activities correlate to improved project success.
The details provided begin to answer how much is enough. 
Current SE activities do not correlate with the technical quality of the product systems. 

If you missed this genuinely seminal information, it is an opportunity to catch up.
Additionally, there will be an opportunity for a Zoom Q&A – on Friday, 2nd October, at 6 p.m. BST. 

Register in advance for this meeting: 

And meet your fellow #systemsengineers on LinkedIn for a discussion about Return on Investment of Systems Engineering.

Previous showcased webinars were: 

Leading Indicators for Systems Engineering Effectiveness presented by Garry Roedler.
A leading indicator is a measure for evaluating the effectiveness of how a specific activity is applied on a project in a manner that provides information about impacts that are likely to affect the system performance objectives.

You can still watch the webinar on the INCOSE YouTube channel, and raise any questions / discussion points on the the INCOSE LinkedIn channel discussion thread.  Very interested to see whether there are any new ideas regarding useful leading indicators. 

Note that INCOSE members can get a free softcopy of the Systems Engineering Leading Indicators Guide (technical product) from the INCOSE store (see )

Three Years Later – Building the Mindset for PM / SE Integration, with Randall C. Iliff, Eric S. Rebentisch and Stephen Townsend. 

PMandSE160Many in the Systems community recognize the strong intersection between Systems Engineering and Program Management. INCOSE and PMI have worked together, and three years ago published 0f the ground-breaking book, Integrating Program Management and Systems Engineering. Many changes have happened since then.
This session explored these and other ways in which the organizations continue to build the “New Mindset” required for success on today’s engineering program challenges.  The  recording is now posted on YouTube 


Agile Systems and Processes, by Rick Dove.  Agile-Webinar-imageThis webinar addresses how to consider agile outside of software development. Agile systems engineering is about learning and applying that learning continuously to work-in-process – with the objective of minimizing rework. Agile software development relies on short-cycle development iterations to accomplish this learn-as-you-go affordably. Agile mixed-discipline development can’t keep pace with software’s short cycle iterations, has cross-discipline integration issues that are typically late in discovery, and attempts to synchronize multiple suppliers over long-cycle integration and test events.
The webinar is available through the INCOSE LinkedIn page:  

Feature-base Product Line Engineering, by Paul Clement.  PLE-Webinar-imageThis webinar describes Feature-based Product Line Engineering (PLE) as a game-changing paradigm for addressing systems engineering complexity by dramatically simplifying the creation, delivery, maintenance, operation, and evolution of a product line portfolio.

The webinar is available through the INCOSE LinkedIn page:

MBSE WebinarModel-Based Systems Engineering De-mystified with Dr. Warren Vaneman.

When first broadcast, this presentation caused quite a conversation! We encourage the same here; please watch the webinar and join the conversation happening on LinkedIn.
The webinar is available through the INCOSE LinkedIn page:

webinar4  Bridging the Gulf of Execution presented by Thomas McDermott, Jr, Sunil Bharitkar, and Christopher Nemeth.  Ajoint presentation from INCOSE, the IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society (SMCS) that discussed the gulf of execution that blocks research findings from being realized in the development phase of many projects continuing to bog down R&D.
This webinar is available through the INCOSE LinkedIn page:

Family of Systems Disciplines by Zane Scott
There are a variety of systems disciplines all of which employ the concept of systems as a set of component elements related to each other and operating in ways that are determined by the relationships.  This webinar explores some of those differences and suggests ways in which the disciplines can intersect opening new solutions and new market spaces for each other.
Zane  refreshed this material for the recent presentation, and the recorded content is now available to INCOSE members at
This is also posted on LinkedIn in the INCOSE channel

We hope you find these webinars interesting, and contribute questions, debate, and reaction to the issues posed in each in the LinkedIn discussion threads.

INCOSE will continue to showcase additional webinars on a regular basis - check back here for the next in the series.