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A better world through a systems approach

Board of Directors

INCOSE has 4 Officers: President, President -Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer. In addition, there are elected and appointed directors in a number of areas.

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INCOSE Technical Operations (TechOps)

Plans & coordinates technical operations including Working Groups, the annual International Symposium & Workshop, and Products & Publications

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Academic Council

Academic Council members form the branch of the Corporate Advisory Board facilitating discussion and exploration of issues relevant to academia and setting a path for achievement with strategic collaborations within INCOSE.

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Central Administrative Office

The Central Office is located in San Diego, California and administers membership, certification and finances. They can be contacted at

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INCOSE Technical Working Groups

Working Groups create the resources system engineers need. Discuss, collaborate, share in person and online in more than 40 Working Groups with a wide diversity of domains and topics.

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INCOSE Products & Publications; INCOSE Store

It is a goal of INCOSE to share its wealth of knowledge with the SE community.

  • Symposia proceedings/papers
  • Technical products from Working Groups and Chapters such as the SE Handbook, SE Competencies Framework and a Guide to Writing Good Requirements
  • Technical Publications
  • Periodicals
  • INCOSE Store provides a variety of products. Digital copies of products are free to members.

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INCOSE Student Divisions

A Student Division is comprised of a groups of undergraduate or graduate students who wish to become actively involved in INCOSE while enrolled in an accredited course of study at a college or university.

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INCOSE Sectors

Globally, INCOSE is divided into three Sectors:

  1. Americas Sector
  2. EMEA Sector
  3. Asia-Oceania Sector

Each Sector has Directors and Assistant Directors.

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Corporate Advisory Board (CAB)

The INCOSE CAB is the voice of the Customer to the INCOSE leadership. The CAB provides strategic guidance to technical leadership leading to the development of Systems Engineering products and standards to meet their needs.

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Information Technology

INCOSE has a Chief Information Officer with his Assistant Directors are responsible for the INCOSE public & member-only websites, supporting chapter websites, and member services software suite. Most IT services are sub-contracted.

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INCOSE Chapters

At the heart of INCOSE is the ability to connect people. Whether you are interested in looking for ways to increase your circle of influence or in working on a particular issue, INCOSE Chapters offer unparalleled points of connection right in your local area.
Chapters are also a great way to get involved and grow your technical and leadership skills.

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INCOSE Events range from chapter and regional meetings, tutorials, conferences and webinars to the two International meetings.

  • Our annual International Symposium (IS) is INCOSE’s premier event, held in July. The venue rotates around the globe for the largest annual convocation of systems engineers.
  • The annual International Workshop (IW), held in January/February, is primarily for Working Groups to make progress on products.

Attend your local chapter events. Also plan to attend the IW and IS.

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INCOSE Certification

INCOSE has established a multi-level Professional SEP Certification Program to provide a formal method for recognizing the knowledge and experience of systems engineers, regardless of where they may be in their career.
Entry Level – ACEP
Foundation Level – CSEP
Senior Level – ESEP
Check out how certification can enhance your career.

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