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A better world through a systems approach



A better world through a systems approach

عالم أفضل من خلال منهاج أنظمة
Un monde meilleur grâce à une approche systémique


Un mundo mejor a través de un enfoque de Sistema

Через системный подход к лучшему миру.


INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering) is the global professional society for systems engineering. We believe in a better world through a systems approach. Every day, we strive to improve system performance, to make a lasting impact on systems engineering, and to change our world.


We believe that systems engineering can promote sustainable development. We firmly support the Sustainable Development Goals.

We believe that systems engineering will address global challenges—newer and older challenges alike. Systems engineering includes these areas … and much, much more.

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We believe that systems engineering can address social development, economic development, environmental management, and urban governance.

cityscapeWe believe cities are complex systems. Cities house >50% of world population, and that percentage will increase. Cities take up 3% of the world’s landmass; but they consume 60-80% of the world’s energy and produce 75% of world’s carbon emissions. As cities grow, they will exert more pressure on fresh water supplies, sewage, public health, and the environment.

trafficwater-samplecity-dayWe believe that systems engineering can change our world at any level: a country, a region, a city, a specific area of a city, or one person at a time.

INCOSE is honoured to participate in the 68th UN Civil Society Conference.unscs_banner_400x240_2

The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) is a not-for-profit membership organization that promotes international collaboration in systems engineering practice, education and research. INCOSE’s mission is to “address complex societal and technical challenges by enabling, promoting and advancing systems engineering and systems approaches.” Founded in 1990, INCOSE has more than 70 chapters and over 17,000 members worldwide.

 For additional information, call 1-858-541-1752 or visit Become a member today.