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A better world through a systems approach

With its 25 year history in the systems engineering universe, INCOSE is able to inspire and guide the direction of systems engineering and envision the future state as this century continues to unfold.  Vision 2025 is a publication produced by a team of leaders from industry, academia and government with the intent that it will be used by people working in many domains – healthcare, utilities, transportation, defense, finance – who will add their unique perspectives to the role systems engineering plays in our serving our world’s many complicated demands.

Vision 2025 addresses:

  • The Global Context for Systems Engineering
  • The Current State of Systems Engineering
  • The Future State of Systems Engineering

Participate in the future – work with INCOSE to bring forward your domain perspective.
Read an excerpt here.
Excerpt from SE Vision 2025

The SE Vision 2025 document can be downloaded below. (Please note that file is 28,89 MBs so it will take a while to download.)  Hardcopies can be purchased in the INCOSE Store
The SE Vision 2025 Webinar can be viewed in Connect.  You must be logged in through the INCOSE Member Login in order to gain access to this Member Only Area: INCOSE Connect