The INCOSE Foundation Invites You To Consider Joining Its Board of Directors

The Board of The INCOSE Foundation is the keeper of the Mission and engaged in the management of the affairs of The Foundation, including increasing its donor base.  Here is how our Board Chair states it:

Anticipate the Future - It is our goal to support programs that help the INCOSE Foundation fulfill our place in making this a better world to live in and that will continue to earn the confidence that our flagship donors have placed in us to promote the best practices of systems engineering. The future is extraordinary and challenging – and, with your help, we will continue to meet the challenge.

- John Ross Snoderly, Foundation Chair

The INCOSE Foundation bestows a number of scholarships and grants annually; most recently, nearly 20 Working Groups and Chapters received small grants to pursue projects that advance systems engineering.

The qualifications for Board membership include having a keen interest in furthering systems engineering by supporting existing activities and seeking out others with the same commitment, willingness and ability to contribute to the future health of The INCOSE Foundation.

For more information, please contact Holly Witte, Managing Director –

INCOSE Foundation Scholarships

The Directors of the INCOSE Foundation are committed to rewarding skills through the scholarships we bestow. With the help of our donors, we celebrate and reward those who are engaged in finding solutions to complex technical challenges at all stages of their education or career.  The INCOSE Foundation offers possibilities for people to pursue goals that anticipate the future for them and for the world.

Selected Projects

The INCOSE Foundation provides funding for selected projects.  Current projects include the publication of Vision 2025 - A World In Motion; and the BKCASE project.

Give a gift to the Foundation when you join INCOSE, renew your membership, and register for an event!