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A better world through a systems approach

The International Council on Systems Engineering represents systems engineering professionals from industry, government, and academia worldwide. It strongly believes that the fundamental principles of systems engineering have an important role in the education of all engineers, regardless of their specialty, as well as professionals who work with systems engineers but do not have an engineering background.

INCOSE recognizes the need for academic education in systems engineering, and advocates that academic institutions offer more engineering degree programs with strong components in systems engineering and systems thinking. It supports academic institutions that have chosen to offer programs that lead to degrees in systems engineering at all levels.  Academic Council member organizations worldwide offer a diverse range of bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees in systems engineering and systems engineering related programs.

 Academic institutions are encouraged to utilize the resources available through INCOSE and its member organizations to integrate systems engineering and systems thinking into their curricula.  Students and professionals  who are interested in educational opportunities in systems engineering and systems thinking are encouraged to take advantage of the products, services and educational offerings available to them from INCOSE and its member organizations.