Interested in taking the certification knowledge exam on paper, rather than at a computer? Register and attend one of the following events:

April 19: PITT (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
April 24-25: ISAE - Supaero (France)
April 30 – May 2: SETE (Sydney, Australia) -
May 3-4: Oil and Gas Conference (Houston, TX, USA)
May 5: LMU (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
May 8-9: Conference on Systems Engineering Research (Charlottesville, VA, USA) -
May 20: No Magic World Symposium (Allen, TX, USA)
May 21: South Europe Systems Engineering Conference (Florence, Italy) - 
May 22:South Europe Systems Engineering Conference (Toulouse, France)
May 23: South Europe Systems Engineering Conference (Barcelona, Spain) -
May 23: No Magic World Symposium (Allen, TX, USA)
May 24: AEIS (Madrid, Spain)
July: IS18 (Washington, DC, USA) -
September 20-22: Western States Regional Conference (Ogden, UT, USA)
October 22-25: NDIA SE Conference (Tampa, FL, USA)
November 5-7: EMEASEC / TdSE (Berlin, Germany)
December 14: Midwest-Gateway Chapter (Hazelwood, MO, USA)


The paper exam has the same format as the standard knowledge exam, with 120 multiple-choice questions in 120 minutes. In both cases, candidates will need an additional thirty minutes to show ID and receive instructions. Details on timing and locations are listed at each link.

INCOSE’s Certification Program has worked with our computer exam provider, Prometric, to establish two aids for candidates who are not native English speakers. These individuals may request an additional thirty minutes of exam time (in addition to the standard 120 minutes) by submitting a Special Accommodations Request form to the INCOSE Certification Program office. All candidates are also now allowed to bring in a translation dictionary to their exam. This dictionary may not have any notes or modifications, as interpreted by the exam official. These benefits are also available for individuals taking the paper exam. The Special Accommodations Form is found here: 

For more information, write to