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Key Links for INCOSE Content Migration Process

Waaaaay back in August we held a kickoff meeting for the chapter webpage refresh, which is part of our IT Community Transformation Project. We trained a bunch of you on the basics of accessing and editing your chapter webpage in Sitefinity and gave you a draft chapter webpage populated with the content from your existing chapter webpage. Now I'm following up to encourage you to finish the task and request that your fancy new chapter webpage be launched to the public. 


Here's a list of Americas Sector chapters that includes links to your new draft webpage, your existing published webpage, and your new draft intranet page: LINK

Action Steps for Chapters and Working Groups

  1. If you are satisfied with your new page, please email me and ask for it to be published. I'll coordinate your new page being launched and your old page being retired. 
  2. If you need help on your page, or have gotten stuck, please email me and let me know what the issue is. I'm glad to help. 
  3. If you want to request webmaster permissions for your chapter, submit a Big Pen Request form
  4. If you want more help on webpage editing in Sitefinity, check out the Playbook webpage section for a Tips & Tricks document (also attached here!), links to the kickoff meeting recordings, and other resources. 
  5. If you have not yet gotten started on the transformation journey for your chapter, submit a Self-Assessment on behalf of your community.
  6. If you want to find out how your community transformation stacks up against the other 210 INCOSE communities, check out the Leaderboard.