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    Next meeting: GBM #17

    July 25, 2024 @ 10AM to 12PM Eastern

    Zoom link:

    INCOSE SySTEAM is excited to announce that its next community meeting is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, July 25, 2024 @ 10AM to 12PM Eastern. Please note that this is a two-hour meeting, in accordance with our new bimonthly (1 meeting per 2 months) meeting schedule.

    At this meeting, we'll continue to work on developing our systems thinking (ST/SE) integration framework and expounding on our prior discussions and action items related to STEAM education and the systems competencies that we started at our workshops. If you’re interested in supporting the INCOSE SySTEAM mission of “improving education for all students, everywhere”, or otherwise in getting involved in our community, these meetings are where the magic happens. Anyone and everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend, regardless of professional affiliation or INCOSE membership status.

    Please join our online community hub (info provided on our main webpage: for more information about our prior meetings and upcoming plans.

    Announcement posted by Caitlyn Singam, SySTEAM Program Director | Apr 19, 2024

Conference proceedings

The proceedings from the 2023 mini-conference are now available at the following link ( or via the button below.

Download the mini-conference proceedings

This document is a complete compendium of the papers and posters presented at the 2023 SySTEAM mini-conference. For easier viewing, please use the "bookmarks" feature in your PDF reader of choice in order to navigate through the document.

The SySTEAM Initiative is an international and interdisciplinary volunteer effort founded on the belief that systems skills should be part of every student’s foundation, so that all students can have the interdisciplinary skills they need to succeed in their chosen endeavors and as global citizens. SySTEAM was established in to address widespread issues in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) education, specifically with regards to the inclusion of interdisciplinary systems thinking (ST) and systems engineering (SE) skills in curricula. The initiative is working on developing a framework for putting these skills in every classroom – from primary school to postgraduate – and is putting together a community of volunteers to help make that happen.

Mission & vision

Our vision is for a world where every student gets equipped with the interdisciplinary skills they need in order to succeed into today’s globalized society. SySTEAM aims to help promote a more just, equitable, and transparent approach to education in general, and interdisciplinary systems thinking/systems engineering competencies in particular, aimed at reducing disparities in educational quality, access, and competency attainment.

SySTEAM strives to improve the quality of STEAM education worldwide, for all students, by changing the way in which educators, administrators, and other relevant stakeholders place value on and leverage ST/SE skills, and by establishing a community to advocate for holistic integration of ST and SE principles and skills into existing STEAM curricula and programs. To that end, SySTEAM’s mission is to promote the integration of ST/SE skills into STEAM educational curricula across the globe, at all levels of education.

STEAM advocacy

We at SySTEAM believe that every student, no matter where in the world they live or what career they want to pursue, has a fundamental right to a quality education.

With the heartfelt conviction that the arts and humanities are a critical part of that interdisciplinary vision, we want to recognize the contributions those fields can offer systems engineering and systems engineering competency education as well as vice versa. We consequently encourage all individuals interested in supporting the SySTEAM vision to join our community, and welcome participants from all academic, geographic, and personal backgrounds (inclusive of individuals from both the sciences and humanities alike).

Core values

SySTEAM is committed to helping promote more just, equitable, and transparent approaches to education, and thus supports the integration and enhancement of ST/SE into STEAM education in such a manner that helps reduce disparities in educational quality, access, and competency attainment. 

SySTEAM's organizational philosophy and strategy reflect this commitment, as well as alignment with a set of core values that support furtherance of the SySTEAM mission and vision.

Accessibility & transparency

The SySTEAM community is publicly accessible, and all of our group’s work products are released to the public, free of cost, upon completion.

Inclusivity & accountability

We are an international community open to anyone, anywhere, interested in supporting our mission, and seek out diverse perspectives and stakeholder feedback on our work.

Quality & action- driven performance

SySTEAM prioritizes the development of implementable, useful recommendations that are beneficial for educators and students alike.

Integrity and ethical conduct

Our community abides by ethical standards and seeks to ensure all of its efforts are viable, implementable, and positively impactful.

SySTEAM Code of Ethics

The SySTEAM Code of Ethics sets a standard of ethical conduct for all of SySTEAM's activities.

Current work

In order to support its mission and vision, SySTEAM is working towards four key goals:

(1) development of a framework for ST/SE integration into STEAM, inclusive of recommendations for including ST/SE skills in both science and humanities classrooms alike;

(2) establishment of a committee that will advocate for adoption of the framework across the globe;

(3) generation of general guidance for companies and members of industry to engage in STEAM and support the SySTEAM vision; and

(4) a large, interdisciplinary community of collaborators, advocates, and experts whose input, suggestions, and participation will help shape SySTEAM’s product development efforts and drive the initiative forward. 

SySTEAM is aiming to have item (1), the integration framework, completed in a preliminary form by the 2023 INCOSE International Workshop (IW), and will be holding biweekly general body meetings (GBMs) in order to interface with the SySTEAM community and help realize that goal.


Interested in becoming a SySTEAM community member? SySTEAM is always actively seeking new participants. Regardless of your professional background, location, or level of commitment, there’s likely something you can contribute to SySTEAM. QR code to join the SySTEM community hub

The best place to start is by joining the SySTEAM Discord server, the aforementioned community hub for anyone interested in SySTEAM and its activities. Joining the community hub grants access to the latest SySTEAM announcements, discussions, and event information. You can join by following these steps:

1)    Enter the invite link into your web browser: or scan the QR code.

2)     Sign in with an existing Discord account or register a new account. You may be asked to verify your email address.

3)     Follow the prompts to join the SySTEAM server.

Once you complete the sign-up process, you’ll be greeted with a welcome message and immediately receive full access to the entire SySTEAM communications hub. Afterwards, you can access the server at any time directly through your account (via or the Discord app) without having to use the invite link again.

If you have any further questions or run into any issues, please contact the SySTEAM initiative lead and Program Director, Caitlyn Singam, at

We hope to see you join us online, and for you to become part of a vibrant global community seeking to improve education for all!

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