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Submit a tutorial

Tutorial proposals for the following types of classroom forums will be considered: Professional Development Tutorial: intended for both practicing Systems Engineers who want to expand their Systems Engineering skills and seasoned professionals who are new to INCOSE concepts of Systems Engineering. It is important not only to instill in the tutorial participants a new skill, but also to make it clear how that skill can add real value to the participant’s enterprise. Advanced Technology Tutorial: intended for practicing Systems Engineers. This introduces new technologies with potential to add real value to Systems Engineering practice although that potential has not yet been demonstrated. Best Practices Implementation: intended for practicing Systems Engineers who are interested in understanding how to apply Systems Engineering best practices with a domain specific emphasis.

Please submit tutorial proposals until 22nd of June 2018.

The following requirements and constraints apply for developing your proposal:

  • The tutorial needs to be a Half Day(4hrs) class room format.
  • The tutorial shall contain appropriate student exercises and interactions.
  • The presenter(s) (up to a maximum of 2 per tutorial) shall document his/her expertise in the domain, and experience as a lecturer.
  • The tutorial shall not contain a sales presentation for the presenter or the presenter’s company, and shall not contain proprietary data.
  • The tutorial proposal shall explain the value of the tutorial to the attendees, follow the tutorial proposal template, be in MS Word 2003 or later format, and submitted according to the instructions on the conference website.
  • The tutorial presentation shall be in electronic form based upon Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 or later.
  • If a tutorial is selected for inclusion in the conference program, then the presenter(s) will be eligible for a discounted event registration rate; however, this does not include the annual INCOSE membership fee, or any other expenses. A tutorial agreement, which includes financial and cancellation agreements, will be forwarded at the time of acceptance notification.
  • Each tutorial submittal is reviewed by at least 3 members of the conference team.

More details are provided in the Download area. Please use the “Call for submission” document to see more requirements about the schedule and content requested for a panel. Provide your panel content by using the provided form “INCOSE EMEASEC Tutorial Template”.

Send the proposal by using the e-Mail Address provided in the form.