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Call for Papers, SE of Complex Systems

by INCOSE UMS | Jun 28, 2007

INCOSE is sponsoring a conference on the Systems Engineering of Complex Systems in association with the International Conference on Complex Systems 2007 to be held in Boston Oct 28 – Nov 2, 2007 (
Recognizing the potential impact of complexity and complexity science on the continued evolution and maturation of Systems Engineering, and the need for venues for the presentation and distribution of active research and practice in this area, INCOSE is soliciting papers on the Systems Engineering of those systems often described with the terms system of systems, ultra-large systems, mega-systems, and enterprises.
We are particularly looking for thoughts, scholarship, and experiences in the areas where multiple, independent stakeholder communities collide; or where the"system" under study is not under the control of a single entity; or where the character of the social, cultural, or business aspects impact the technical.
Topic area examples include:
o      Implications of complexity considerations on standard process areas, e.g. Configuration Management / Insight, Standards and standardization, Testing, Change Management, Risk & risk management, Architectures and architecting, Design.
o      Convergence Points & Protocols
o      Variety and Selection
o      Mechanisms of evolution in engineering systems
o      Nature and mechanisms of emergence
o      Implications of emergence
o      Emergence insight and management
o      Systems assembly and composition
o      Systems ecology
o      Closure of side-effects over collections of systems
o      Collective non-designed behavior
o      Indirect Engineering
o      Patterns of systems / Patterns among systems
o      Effects of change and environmental pressure
o      Value assessment and selective pressure
o      The description and nature of enterprises
o      Regimens for complex systems engineering (cSE)
o      Field reports on the use of Regimens in cSE
o      Balancing Stakeholder interests within a complex engineered
system Contact Doug Norman (AD for Enterprise Sector) Brian White (AD for Systems Science Enabler Group); or Sarah Sheard (INCOSE Fellow) for more information.