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A better world through a systems approach
Welcome to the International Council on Systems Engineering news page. If you are a member of the media, please contact INCOSE’s Director of Marketing and Communications.

Give us your success stories

by INCOSE UMS | Jan 20, 2008

As an industry, we are very good at collecting stories of failures – cases where a lack of systems engineering yielded catastrophic results. Now we need your help with positive case studies and success stories - systems engineering successes; how INCOSE has helped you, your organization, or your, project; and other positive INCOSE experiences. These stories will be used in the creation of a variety of marketing materials to help highlight the value and services of INCOSE. Submissions should be brief, focusing on necessary background information, the problem, the solution, and the results. Help advance INCOSE and systems engineering by sharing your story with Jil Goebel or David Long by February 29.